Top 5 most lucrative tournaments of the UFC the last decade

Since 2005, the popularity of UFC around the world began to gain crazy momentum, but in sports Maine stream UFC came five years later. In the period from 2010 to 2019 happened almost all the major events of the promotion.

The profitability of a particular event in the UFC can serve as the sales figures of paid broadcasts. In the last decade (2010-2019) fell at four of the five most lucrative tournaments in the history of the UFC, which proves the growth of the organization. presents the five highest-grossing UFC events in the last 10 years.

5. UFC 194 – 1.2 million PPV

12 Dec 2015 Conor McGregor made a splash, 13 seconds sending out a dominant champion in the Featherweight champion josé Aldo. It was expected that this popular event will show the best selling PPV in UFC history, but the event did not a little to the record.

UFC 194 collected 1.2 million PPV, while the tournament 2009 UFC 100 brought in a moneybox of 1.3 million

4. The UFC 205 – 1.3 million PPV

12 November 2016, a historic date for the UFC, because on this day took place the first promotion for the tournament in new York. The legendary arena “Madison Square Garden” took the UFC 205 in which McGregor was again won the title. This time he took a belt of the champion in lightweight Eddie Alvarez, knocking him out in the 2nd orientation meeting.

It was a very successful event, because it is caught up in pay-per-view with a former leader, the now-legendary UFC 100.

3. UFC 196 – 1,317 million PPV

This tournament, held on March 5, 2016, by slightly ahead of the previous show, but it was enough to set a new record for the organization.

The headliners again McGregor. Initially, in this tournament he had to fight for the belt at lightweight with Rafael DOS UNOSOM, but he injured his leg and him on a short notice and was replaced by Nate Diaz. And the fight with Diaz was held where Conor has never fought in the Welterweight division.

The unexpected victory of Diaz by submission in the second round, the first defeat McGregor in the UFC and a new record paid sales – only some 17 thousand managed to get past UFC 100.

2. UFC 202 1.6 million PPV

However, a new record for the promotion lasted exactly to McGregor rematch with Diaz. August 20, 2016, they staged and bloody war, the winner from which left this time McGregor – to win a majority of the judges.

Revenge fight surpassed the first in almost 300 thousand pay-per-view.

1. UFC 229 – 2.4 million PPV

The grossing UFC event, of course, could not do without McGregor. 6 October 2018 he returned to the octagon after almost two years of pause. For the idle time outside the cell he spent a very profitable for yourself Boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and was deprived of his two UFC belts.

At UFC 229 Conor tried to return one of them, but Khabib Nurmagomedov confidently defended his title in the lightweight division, forcing the opponent to knock in the 4th round.

Crazy work McGregor on the promotion of the fight and the magic of his name brought the UFC exorbitant 2.4 million PPV.

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