Top 5 fighters who undeservedly received the title shot the UFC

Most of the contenders for the UFC title then often blood deserve that right. Someone who already has a name in the sport, apply less effort to do this. But there are cases when for the belt UFC fights is the one who generally is not even close to a title fight. represents the five most unworthy contenders for the belt in UFC history.

Jeremy horn (vs Chuck Liddell, UFC 54)

When Chuck Liddell knocked out Randy couture in 2005 and won the title of UFC light heavyweight champion, fans waited for his first title defense. They wondered who would be the opponent for “the Iceman”? Having a streak of 8 wins Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Tito Ortiz, or will it be an immediate rematch with Couture? But the UFC shocked by his decision.

Instead, as a candidate has been selected Jeremy horn who’s not been in the UFC for over four years and all the while fighting in minor promotions mainly on the average weight. It seemed that the UFC just gave Liddell chance to avenge his first loss in his career, which he did, destroying the horn of TKO in the 4th round.

Cheyl Sonnen (vs Jon Jones, UFC 159)

Verbal tirades aimed at Anderson Silva, Sonnen brought fame, which previously he could only dream of. But in the end Silva twice and finished it by defending his title in the Middleweight division.

No one would have thought that after Silva knock him out in the rematch, Sonnen after this will receive a title chance at light heavyweight. In 2012, Sonnen and the champion of UFC in light hawaiite John Jones steel coaches on the 17th season of “The Ultimate Fighter”, and as befits the coaches at the end of the season, they have converged in an internal duel.

Sonnen became an easy victim to his superior in size to Jones, who scored the blows of the contender in the first round.

Brock Lesnar (vs Randy Couture UFC 91)

Lesnar as well as Sonnen, cut the line due to the magic of his name. In 2008 he was awarded a title fight in the heavyweight division despite the fact that first appeared in the octagon in just 9 months before, and had a record of 1-1 in the UFC.

Lesnar debuted in the octagon with a defeat submicron Frank’s World, and then he closed the loss of the victory by unanimous decision over Heath Herring. Brock looked good in that fight, but it was his only third fight in MMA. Moreover, because of contract dispute with UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture during the year were not active, which led to the emergence of interim champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Unification fight made more sense than defending the belt against Lesnar.

Popularity Lesnar as WWE superstar played a crucial role. In the end, the wrestler stunned everyone by knocking out couture and becoming the new champion.

Alexander Gustafsson (vs Daniel Cormier, UFC 192)

When in 2015 Daniel Cormier won the title in the light heavyweight division, finishing Anthony Johnson, the most worthy contender for the title looked to be going for a series of four victories Ryan Bader. Cormier with Bader conducted a war of words, which gave ground for the promotion of the fight, but the UFC decided not to pay attention on the Bader and instead views the matchmaker stared at the side of Gustafsson.

No one disputed the high level of the Swede, but he lost two of last three fights, including a knockout defeat of the “Rambla” Johnson that Gustafsson did not have time to close.

As shown by the fight, the UFC took not so not the right decision. Fight Cormier with Gustafsson turned out fantastic. Cormier “on thin” won “the Torturer” in the 5-round war to retain the title.

Yoel Romero (vs Israel Adesanya, UFC 248)

The most recent example. The first opponent of Israel Adesanya as the Middleweight champion was supposed to be Paulo Costa, but the Brazilian had surgery on the biceps and permanently eliminated. In the UFC found nothing better than to replace it with a recent victim of the Costa, silver Olympic champion in wrestling Romero.

Romero – definitely a top Middleweight. But why he was not worthy of battle? It is hard to justify the legitimacy of the pretender, when he had lost three of their last four matches, and twice in this period failed the weigh-in. The last victory of Romero when he was at the limit of the average weight, dated November 2016.

March 7, 2020 Romero once again missed the opportunity to win the title. In a boring 25-minute fight Adesanya wrote in their summary the victory by unanimous decision.

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