Top 5 comeback wins in the UFC

One of the reasons why mixed martial arts is so popular and continue to gain momentum – the unpredictability. Some battles take place in the unilateral scenario, but in the end may fail unexpectedly. is the five matches in which seemed hopeless, the soldiers were able to turn everything on its head and snatch victory.

Mike Russow vs Todd Duffy – UFC 114

After winning 7-second knockout over Tim Hague in his debut fight in the UFC, Todd Duffy has attracted a lot of attention. So fans were eagerly waiting for him next in the octagon, which fell on the UFC 114 event.

Duffy failed to secure another quick finish, but he completely controlled the course of events in the first two rounds, causing several powerful blows, but the ex-fighter Pride of Russo showed a strong chin. In the 3rd round, Russow suddenly got the opponent’s forehand and stunned the audience by sending Duffy to the knockout.

Anderson Silva vs Cheyl Sonnen – UFC 117

For several months prior to their title fight on the average weight, Cheyl Sonnen loudly declared to the world that is going to overthrow the throne with champion Anderson Silva. Fans were in awe of the trash-the current “American gangster”, but very few people put him in a match against perennial champion Silva.

To the surprise of many, Sonnen dominated Silva from the first seconds of the match. The first round went almost the same scenario: Sonnen conducted a takedown, kept the Brazilian on the floor and struck him blows. Sonnen was on the way to one of the biggest apletov in UFC history. But his resume has included six defeats by submission, and in the final round Cheyl bumped into my kryptonite.

Before the final meeting, the applicant was the leader on the judges ‘ cards 40-34, 40-36 and 40-35. In the fifth round, nothing boded trouble, Sonnen was again lying on Silva, but the champion managed to close the triangle and go to the armbar. This forced Sonnen to give up for 110 seconds before winning the belt.

Frankie Edgar vs gray Maynard – UFC 136

After losing to gray Maynard early in his career and a draw in the rematch the champion lightweight champion Frankie Edgar faced many challenges in their third fight.

Like their second fight, Maynard dominated the first round, finding the target for his right hand, and several times was close to finish the champion. Somehow Edgar survived and even managed to seize a slight advantage in the next two rounds.

In the 4th round of the more recent Edgar beat Maynard, in the end, a few of his uppercuts and right hook dumped the Challenger on the floor where the champion without problems, he was finished.

Tim Bouch vs Yushin Okami – UFC 144

Coming back after losing to Middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 134, Yushin Okami got a kind of “restorative” fight against Tim Botcha.

This was confirmed in the first two rounds, when the Japanese fighter early in the bout gave the markings face Botch, and in the second round, Okami was close to force the Americans to surrender. Botch survived, but he had no chance of losing on points, so in the 3rd round he had to hope for a miracle.

In the last round of “Barbarian” lived up to his nickname, discharge several powerful uppercuts that sent Okami down and let Boutchu to unleash on a stunned opponent seeking strokes. The referee stepped in and recorded an unexpected victory of Botch that longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan called the greatest comeback in UFC history.

Darren Elkins vs Mirsad Bektic – UFC 209

Before this fight Mirsad Bektic represented the future of the Featherweight division with an impressive record of 11-0. But Darren Elkins did not intend to accept the victim role, one he plays the bookies.

Bektic dominated the first two rounds, turning the enemy’s face into a bloody mess. In the same spirit Favorit continued in the 3rd round, but in the second half Alkins managed to get out from under Bachicha on the ground and then shake his right punch and knock out the ensuing Hanekom.

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