Top 10 moments of Kremenchuk in 10 years of existence of the club

This year, one of the leaders of Ukrainian ice hockey HC “Kremenchuk” celebrated its first major anniversary – 10 years since the establishment of the team.

During these 10 years the club went from Amateur Championships in Kremenchug medals in the national championship. From the team, collected from local fans, to the players who won gold at the world Championships. In this article, we recall the 10 most memorable moments of the entire ten-year history of the Kremenchug team.

1. The creation of the club

Despite all the achievements of the team, the most memorable moment in its history will be the day of Foundation.

Official date of creation of the club is considered to be June 9, 2010, and on rails professional hockey in Kremenchug began after the arrival Mazur Sergey Vladimirovich. At that time the current President of the club gathered in one group the local hockey fans and the famous Ukrainian hockey players who completed a professional career.

Many of these players became the Foundation of the future professional teams, joined the leadership, the coaching and administrative staff of HC “Kremenchuk”.

2. The opening of the UK “iceberg” – home arena of “Kremenchuk”

25 Feb 2012 in Kremenchug at the address Kyivska street, 77, a solemn opening of the ice complex “iceberg” on 310 seats. The appearance of an indoor ice rink opened in front of Kremenchuk of different ages many opportunities associated with the occupation of popular winter sports. Note that the indoor ice complex “iceberg” was built solely on sponsorship funds.

After the end of the 2016/17 season at the “Iceberg” started serious reconstruction, and the first match at the new arena the team played in January 2018. The arena has significantly increased the rostrum, and expanded space for fans. This allows the “citizens” of a duel in a duel to collect as many fans on the platform.

3. Performances in the Junior and senior leagues of Belarus

In 2012/13 Kremenchug showed up at the Junior League of Belarus. Then Kremenchuk, a team led by the coaches of the Junior national team of Ukraine – Alexander Savitsky and Alexander Archipenko. At that time in HC “Kremenchuk” was assembled of talented juniors from all over Ukraine, which became the basis of Kiev “Ldinka-95” – the champion of Ukraine in his age.

In the Belarusian League, city have won the victory in 30 games out of 40 and at the end of the championship won the silver medal among the eleven participants of the tournament.

And in the season 2013-14, the team began competing in the Highest League of Belarus, where he early won a place in the play-offs. But in February 2014 due to the difficult political situation in Ukraine “Kremenchuk” was forced to withdraw from the race. Team by this point was in fifth place in the regular season, recording 31 victories in 44 games. The team’s leading scorer with 50 (25+25) points was Ivan Podgurski.

4. The first medals in the championship in his first season for the “Kremenchuka”

The 2014/15 HC “Kremenchuk” debuted in the Ukrainian championship. The team won early in the regular season, winning 11 games out of 12.

In the semifinals, the Kremenchug showed character, snatching victory in a series of Kharkov “Vityaz” 2:1 (2:3; 6:3; 5:4). But in a dramatic finale HC “Kremenchuk” lost to Kiev in the World series 1:2 (4:2; 2:3; 3:4FROM). As a result of Kremenchuk in his debut for them the championship of Ukraine got silver medals.

5. Performances in the semi-finals of the Continental Cup

On the rights of the Vice-champion of the country “Kremenchuk” in 2015/16 represented Ukraine at the prestigious European tournament for the Continental Cup. Their performances Kremenchug began with the semi-finals of the competition, where he met with the French “Rouen”, Polish “kraków”, and of Salihorsk “Shakhtar”.

And at least in three matches of the tournament the bulls are unable to get a single victory, but they represented their country in the European arena.

6. The draw of the first Cup of Kremenchug

From 23 to 24 may 2015 in the hockey arena “iceberg” was the first draw for the “Open Cup of Kremenchug”, which was attended by many of the strongest Ukrainian players. In the final of the tournament HC “Kremenchug” beat Kiev “Generals” 5:1 and became the winner of the Cup of his native city.

Note that Kremenchuk residents are the winners of all tournaments Kremenchuk Open Cup, which was held at their home arena.

7. Gold at the world Championships in Croatia

At the world Championships 2016 in Croatia (Division 1B) national team of Ukraine won the gold medals and rose to Division 1A. World Champions seven hockey players and coaching staff of the hockey club “Kremenchug”. Goalkeeper Mikhail Shevchuk; defenders: Vitaly Andreikiv, Cyril Zhovnir, Denis Isaenko Vladimir Romanenko; forwards: Yuri Petrakovskii and Dmitry Chernyshenko. Head coach – Alexander Savitsky, trainers – Dmitry Podgurski and Paul Mechanic, General Manager – Sergey Mazur.

This victory has allowed our team next season to play at the world championship in Division 1A, which was held in Kyiv Sports Palace.

8. Victory for the veterans “of Kremenchuka” Fenix Cup in Barcelona

In Kremenchug take the time not only professional and children’s sports – the team also do not forget about Amateur hockey.

In the summer of 2016 Kremenchug team of veterans took part in the 7th draw of the International tournament Fenix cup-2016, which was attended by teams from Germany, France, Norway, Russia, Spain, UK and Ukraine.

Kremenchug to win Group A, scoring 5 out of 6 possible points. The quarterfinals and semifinals, the Ukrainians won at Cardiff (UK) and XK ANGEL (Russia) with the same score 1:0.

In the final of the veterans “of Kremenchuka” won the French club “of Pinks de St. Agenze” with the score 1:0 and won the gold medal of the prestigious tournament. Then the decisive goal of the tournament, scored the President Kremenchug team Sergey Mazur.

9. It should be noted that “Kremenchuk” won medals in all national Championships in which the team participated

In its ten-year history of the club from Poltava region three times became the silver prize-winner of Ukrainian Championships, as well as the assets of orange-and-black bronze awards seasons 2015/16 and 2018/19.

Recall that in the suspended season 2019/20 Kremenchug took first place in the regular season and in the September playoffs of the Kremenchug club will play in the semifinals against Belotserkovsky “White Bars”.

10. In 2020 “Kremenchug” for the first time in its history ranked in the top 250 teams in Europe

In June 2020 hockey PassionHockey portal published a ranking of the top 250 hockey teams in Europe at the end of season 2019/20. For the first time since 2002 on the list were two Ukrainian teams, “Kremenchuk” and “Donbass”. Note that “citizens” were participants rating for the first time in history.

The rating is calculated on the basis of the performances of the teams in the domestic leagues, the Champions League and Continental Cup. “Kremenchuk”, wins the regular season UHL – Pari-Match, ranked 248 in place. “Donbass”, which by the end of the regular season was the second in Ukraine, located on 249th position.

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