Top 10 goals that impressed me

It is unlikely that we often think about the fact that really love football. But surely in most cases will dominate the emotional component or its derivatives. After all, we watch football to pass the time, and expect him to of a spectacle, something special, what I want to talk with friends or, for example, remember during the quarantine.

And what, no football? Of course, without goals. Any more or less interesting match without scoring, followed by the most powerful surge of emotion. Are there any games without goals that I would like to reconsider? Of course. I am sure that everyone will gain at least 2-3 such meetings in store. But most of all, to remember them is not so easy.

But if you ask about favourite goals, how many can you name? Five, ten, or more? I am sure that this list will be much more solid. Today I propose to see the goals, which in a certain moment of life very much impressed me. Including because of them I continue to watch and love football.

The sampling frame was as simple as possible: this included any goals for the last 25 years, except those which were scored by Ukrainians or Ukrainian team, in order to be at least a little less subjective in such a slippery subject. All goals are known, but in the recommendations you may see something new.

The list is in chronological order and evaluated according to four criteria (importance, difficulty, execution, entertainment and uniqueness). Scores for each item from 1 to 10.

1. Roberto Carlos

La Liga, round 26
21 Feb 1998
“Tenerife” – “Real Madrid” – 4:3

If you started watching football in the second half of the 90s or early noughties, not to zafanatel of the game, Roberto Carlos was impossible. It is qualitatively different from the competitors by position, repeats his gun and blows spinning long after matches have been played. But, perhaps, this goal against Tenerife for me was at that time a real discovery. And although the goal for the outcome of the game had no effect, but to pass by it.

By the way, at the end of the season real Madrid took the fourth place, and “Tenerife” avoiding the play-offs for the elimination of the elite Spanish division, finishing in 16th place saving (17 and 18 went to the joints 19 and 20 – were downgraded). This victory was the islanders need.

Importance: 1
Difficulty: 10
Entertainment: 10
Uniqueness: 10
Total score: 31

What to do if you like? View Gerson Gol Magrao of FC Obolon any cutting best goals Roberto Carlos.

2. Dennis Bergkamp

Premier League, round 28
02 Mar 2002
Newcastle – Arsenal – 0:2

Arsenal of that time also enjoyed great popularity among fans. Not least because of the non-volatile Dutchman who was terrified of air travel, and sometimes missed because of this distant trips, such as against Dynamo Kiev in 1998.

In the match against Newcastle Bergkamp opened the scoring in the 11th minute following a pass from Robert Pires. To describe his jewelry receiving the ball is unlikely to succeed, this is a must see. Preferably more than once. When you are able to watch as a player takes the ball in one direction and set in another? And what was going on in the mind of the defender, how can you react in this situation? Not for nothing in 2017, this goal was recognized as the best in the history of the Premier League by the readers of BBC.

Regarding the further course of events, Sol Campbell doubled the advantage late in the first half, and the results of the season the gunners won their latest championship.

Importance: 5
Difficulty: 10
Entertainment: 10
Uniqueness: 10
Total score: 35

What to do if you like? View Bergkamp goal in gate of Argentina (always with sound) and Gol Alvaro Recoba at the gates of Lecce.

3. Zinedine Zidane

UEFA Champions League final
May 15, 2002
“Bayer” – “Real Madrid” – 1:2

When due to this goal, the team wins the Champions League final, less ten points for importance to put the hand does not rise. And although Zidane scored in the 45th minute, and there was still a whole half of playing time, to underestimate the historical impact would be a crime.

By the way, was scored by the Frenchman left foot, but hardly anyone dares to say that she had only to walk away.

Importance: 10
Difficulty: 9
Entertainment: 9
Uniqueness: 7
Total score: 35

What to do if you like? Revise any top match with the participation of Zidane, or at least this kung fu kick Philippe Mexes to the Milan Derby.

4. Ronaldinho

Champions League. 1/8 finals
March 8, 2005
“Chelsea” – “Barcelona” – 4:2

Possibly the best 20 first minutes of “Chelsea” in the Champions League, but in the first half Ronaldinho draws a double, after which it is “Leopard” was to reach the quarterfinals.

The second goal, the Brazilian real miracle. The kick from outside the penalty area, the bewilderment on the face of Peter Cech, which is still without his famous helmet, and the shock of the fans at Stamford bridge. You will not see anywhere else.

Importance: 6
Difficulty: 8
Entertainment: 8
Uniqueness: 10
Total score: 32

What to do if you like? Cry, remembering that Ronaldinho is already 40 and he recently was in a prison in Paraguay for forgery. And review a full review of this fabulous game.

5. Kaka

In the Champions League. 1/2 final
24 APR 2007
“Manchester United” – “Milan” – 3:2

That season Milan had no equal in Europe. After the departure of Andriy Shevchenko to Chelsea and a corruption scandal in Italian football old timers club gave an incredible result in the European cups. On the edge shone a young Kaka, who received in 2007 the “Golden ball”.

In the first match of the semifinal confrontation with the “Manchester United”, the Brazilian grabbed a brace, which was a great stepping stone before the home victory in the second leg (3:0). In the episode with the second goal Kaka made fools of Darren Fletcher, Gabriel Heinze and Patrice evra. Time by forwarding the ball head, when the Frenchman crashed into the Argentinian – something unimaginable.

Importance: 8
Difficulty: 8
Entertainment: 10
Uniqueness: 8
Total score: 34

What to do if you like? To see how Kaka escapes from the young Messi and remember this goal Brazilians in the Shakhtar goal.

6. Graphite

Bundesliga, round 26
04 APR 2009
Wolfsburg – Bayern 5:1

In the season 2008/09 Wolfsburg for the first time in history became the champion of Germany. Felix the international atomic energy Agency team had a great second half of the season, beating the formidable Bayern by two points. In the attack of that legendary team were sparkling Duo of forwards Grafite-Dzeko, which together scored 54 out of 80 head of the club in the national championship.

In the second round, the Wolves destroyed the main competitor for the championship with the score 5:1, and the tall Brazilian Grafite most sophisticated way humiliated the defense and the goalkeeper of the club in Munich, scoring the last goal. He sold his soul to the devil for that goal is unknown, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Importance: 2
Difficulty: 10
Entertainment: 10
Uniqueness: 9
Total score: 31

What to do if you like? Remember the disallowed goal against Ronaldo at the gates of Spain, which would be in this collection, if not a jealous teammate.Also a phenomenal goal this season was scored by Douglas Costa at gate of the Moscow “Locomotive”.

7. But Papiss Cisse

The Premier League, 34 round
02 may 2012
“Chelsea” – “Newcastle” – 0:2

If in the case of Graphite could be interfered by a higher power, here striker Newcastle has called into question the existence of the laws of physics. The trajectory of the ball is shocking, to accuse something of Peter Cech, even language is not rotated. After all, not every goal opponents applauded Didier Drogba himself, but that is the case.

By the way, for Cisse it was the second goal in that match (both handsome), and for Newcastle it was the last points scored in the championship, although two victories in the last rounds could have put “forty” in the Champions League. In the Europa League team of Alan Pardew, who had knocked out Metalist, in the 1/4 finals stopped Benfica.

Importance: 4
Difficulty: 10
Entertainment: 10
Uniqueness: 9
Total score: 33

What to do if you like? First you need to see the “creativity” of Ricardo Quaresma and review free-kick of Roberto Carlos against France and a Field goal Pogba in the match with “Udinese”. But the most similar to the goal that the blowthat took the Puskas award in 2016.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Friendly match
14 Nov 2012
Sweden – England – 4:2

Of course, the Swedish striker scored a lot of masterpiece goals, but one goal stands out. As you may have guessed, this is the craziest bisikleta against the national team of England.

It happened in injury time of a friendly match, Swede by the time were leading 3:2, and Zlatan on the account already had a hat-trick. Someone would long ago have relaxed, but not him. And then there intervened the eternal curse of absolutely all the English goalkeepers who like to bring their goals out of the blue.

Joe HART didn’t play well in advance, and predatory instinct Ibrahimovic told where to stop. Then Zlatan spectacular shot from 30 yards sent the urgent telegram of three letters at the gate of the British, and despite all the efforts of Steven caulker, it was delivered on schedule.

Importance: 3
Difficulty: 10
Entertainment: 10
Uniqueness: 9
Total score: 32

What to do if you like? Remember the classics from Mauro Bressan of or another goal Mexes.

9. Robin Van Persie

13 Jun 2014
The 2014 world Cup. Group stage
Spain – Netherlands – 1:5

If you choose the best goal head, then a more suitable candidate to recall the hard. Moreover, it happened at the world Cup 2014 in the match against Spain, which for six years have dominated world football.

Start for the Netherlands was not rosy. Already in the 27th minute the Spaniards scored after a controversial penalty, and before that Snyder missed the net output 1 1. But then a miracle happened: Daley blind, who that season made just 1 assist, gave a gorgeous canopy on the course van Persie and his future partner of “Manchester United” jumped out like a salmon during spawning and elegantly lobbed Iker Casillas.

In the second half, the world Champions received a further four goals, and then in the second round lost to Chileans and disgracefully finished performance in the tournament. The Netherlands took third place, losing only to Argentina in the penalty shoot-out.

Importance: 7
Difficulty: 9
Entertainment: 10
Uniqueness: 9
Total score: 35

What to do if you like? If you haven’t forgotten the Senegalese Papiss Cisse, he also scored in a similar style and also for the national team.

10. Divock Origi

UEFA Champions League 1/2 final
May 07, 2019
“Liverpool” – “Barcelona” – 4:0

Perhaps many will be surprised to choice of the freshest goals in this collection, but it really is a goal that has produced the most powerful effect lately.

“What, you?”, – here is the first question that I would like to ask after this episode. To make such a deceptive maneuver in the semi-finals of the Champions League against one of the strongest teams in the world – is not a skill, it is not a miracle. It is possible that in the universe of Viktor Leonenko protection “leopards” for the moment, had to be thrown from the bridge but in our mortal world I would like to mention those who have the courage to follow the precepts Vasyl Kobin and at the crucial moment to show the world their indomitable core.

Importance: 10
Difficulty: 5
Entertainment: 5
Uniqueness: 10
Total score: 30

What to do if you like? To review another phenomenal goal from a corner in the playoffs of the Champions League in the performance of Arjen Robben and expect the resumption of the season.

It is obvious that to evaluate goals is a matter of taste. But according to the criteria that were initially chosen, I have determined three of the best: Bergkamp, Zidane and van Persie.

And which goals impressed you the most?

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