Today, it is a special version of Monopoly for the fortieth anniversary of the game Pac-Man

The famous game Pac-Man celebrated no less than 40 years. To celebrate this major anniversary, it was decided to start production of a new version of another legendary game – Monopoly, the Central theme which will become Pac-Man. It will include digital banking module that will offer an arcade mini-game each time point, the players will have to cross the cell Start.

New Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man will be playing for points and not for money. Players will be able to earn them through mini-games in the same digital module. Obtained points can be spent to buy new levels (similar to real estate from the classic Monopoly Board). Each player will have a plastic arcade coin, which can be inserted into the banking module to check the balance of their points to buy, sell, and steal levels, but also to pay rent and play mini-games.

Itself game Board has changed, too. You play as Pac-Man’, but on the field there is a trick Ghost. You will throw a die for the Ghost to determine how far it can go. However, it is unknown what happens if you get caught. You might go to jail. Also, the field is Energocable and Buffs, which replaced the Public funds and the Chances of a traditional Monopoly. Instead of train stations in the game, the Mazes.

Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man costs $ 30 and will go on sale August 1.

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