To the capital of Belarus deploying military equipment

In the capital of Belarus pull together the military after Minsk detained the 32 Russian fighters. This July 29, reports the Telegram-channel NEXTA Live.

“Today we received a few dozen reports that in Minsk and, accordingly, in Minsk was moving a considerable amount of equipment with military”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the accompanying machines had rooms in Vitebsk region, and the final destination of the column was a military unit No. 5448 internal troops on the capital’s Mayakovsky street.

Employees of group “A” of the KGB of Belarus and the riot police of the interior Ministry in Minsk district on the night of July 29, detained 32 Russians. Another member of the group were arrested in the South of Belarus. According to Belarusian state news Agency BelTA, all foreigners are members of the PMC “Wagner”. More than 10 of them are included in the list of the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” as participants of military operations on Donbass on the side of the separatists.

The Russian Embassy in Belarus has received notification from the main consular Department of the Belarusian foreign Ministry about the detention of 32 Russians in the country.

Russian writer and Thriller Zakhar Prilepin said that among the detained mercenaries were a few people from his “battalion”. According to him, the militants did not intend to destabilize the situation in Belarus. “The usual story: well-trained people are moving in certain directions on their routes, they have their own business and no they do not need Belarus,” said Park.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during urgent meetings with members of the security Council stated that it was necessary to apply to the relevant structures of the Russian Federation to explain the situation with the Russian fighters PMC “Wagner” in Belarus.

The company “Wagner” intended to transfer a group of his fighters via Belarus to Africa and the Belarusian authorities were aware of this, said a Russian military correspondent Semyon Pegov. “Radio Svoboda” believes that the destination was Sudan.

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