“Time bomb”. Putin said that the constitutional right of exit of republics from the USSR was a mistake

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Constitution of the USSR was laid “time bomb” – a provision on the right of Union republics to secede from the United States. He told about it in interview to TV channel “Russia 1”, a fragment of which was published on “News.ru”.

According to Putin, when the Soviet Union was assigned the Leninist thesis about the right of Union republics to secede from the United States. Stalin adhered to a different point of view, the President said.

In the end, was implemented Lenin’s idea, but itself the procedure of secession from the USSR was not spelled out. According to this, the Republic could secede from the USSR, taking with them “gifts from the Russian people,” said the head of the Russian Federation.

Putin said, to avoid “such errors” it was necessary to amend the existing Constitution of the Russian Federation.

20 January 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted the draft law on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation to the state Duma. It was unanimously adopted in the first reading on 23 January and finally approved on March 14.

Adopted amendments to ban to occupy the presidency more than two terms, and fix the priority of the Constitution over international law, as well as to expand the powers of the constitutional court. The state Duma of the Russian Federation also supported the amendment to abolish presidential terms of Putin that will allow him to remain in power after 2024, the end of his fourth presidential term. Thus, he can hold the office of President until 2036.

From 25 June to 1 July, Russia held a referendum, 77,92% of which supported the amendments voted against them of 21.27%.

July 3, Putin signed a decree that introduced a new edition of the Constitution of Russia. In accordance with the document, it shall come into force from 4 July.

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