“Tihohodka disco” took an international prize for the best photo of the microcosm

Image tardigrades with a psychedelic light show in the stomach took the main prize at the international competition. Inside the plump beauties of microscopic internal and external bodies highlighted in bright fluorescent colors, glowing like the dance floor at the disco. These creatures are mostly transparent, but these colorful spots helped identify the bodies of “water bears” in great detail.

The photo was taken Tagide de Carvalho, Manager of the company Keith Porter Imaging Facility (KPIF) at the University of Maryland (USA). The work became the winner of the competition of Olympus Image of the Year Award 2019 in North and South America. Every year this award is given to “best in the world images in the natural Sciences”.

While disco tihohodka won the main prize in the contest, Global Image of the Year stood out another colorful image: fluorescent photograph of a slice of mouse brain taken by Dr. Inaray Pintor, PhD in Biomedicine and molecular biology of the Basque center for Biophysics in Spain. The mouse brain contains more than 70 million neurons. According to the description in the photo, the neurons here are displayed in green, the cell nuclei blue, and associated with fats, proteins in red.

Also among the winners, you can see some amazing shots as the wasp ovary with eggs inside; the microcrystals in the structure of the wing of a beetle; colored with luminous paint buds of flowers. All the winners can be seen on the website конкурсаOlympus Image of the Year 2019.

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