“This is her show”: Megan Markle was criticized for a video with baby Archie, published on the day of his birth

Wednesday, may 6, the smallest member of the Royal family Prince Archie celebrated his first birthday. In a festive day in the Internet appeared the video of happy mother with baby in which she reads him a story. And if the majority was left in awe from touching the roller, then there were those who in the nines he was criticized. So, American writer Emily Giffin noted that in this video, Megan “played the role of the mother”, and not very well. The woman noted that the Duchess looked irritated when the baby Archie was not listening to her and minding my own business.

“He’s a cute kid and a book. But why is she always wants to be in the foreground? This show is Megan. Why didn’t she give Harry read a book? Why didn’t she take a moment at the end to mark that the baby said “Papa”? Because it is a fraction of a second will shift the focus on Harry. God forbid… And if you want to maintain the privacy of your family, you’re not going to share a video of their child without pants,” said Emily Instagram.

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