This has been the best Bundesliga season in recent years! But Bavaria has no equal

“Thanks” to the coronavirus Bundesliga became the first top-League, which resumed its season, and the first, which he already completed. And its finish we can safely say: it was beautiful. Perhaps the best season in Germany for the past six years. Even despite such a long pause and play without spectators to the 26-th round.

Let’s sum up the key results of the Bundesliga-2019/20.

“Borussia” D was better than Bayern during the season. But everything was solved in a face-to-face matches

You need to give credit to the team of Lucien favr. She was a very worthy competitor for Bayern, but failed in its long-standing problem – head matches against Bayern. If you remember, to Der Klassiker in the 28th round, the teams came up at a distance of four glasses from each other. That is, with the rest of the competitors “bumblebees” played on the same level with Bayern, but 0:4 “Allianz Arena” and 0:1 on “Signal Iduna Park” played a decisive role.

Perhaps it was the strong Borussia D since Klopp. Such scattering of stars and a powerful bench was not even Thomas Tuchel. But you need to be aware that this Dortmund in the past. Hakimi already has one foot in the “inter”, Sancho is unlikely to hold for another season, and they were the defining players of this team.

But the determining factor in the title race, of course, was the appearance of Hansi flick. With him, Bayern have won 19 of their last 20 Bundesliga matches, so that when Kovach, of course, would not be. The former midfielder of Bayern proved to be an incredibly strong trainer who created an unbeatable machine. This machine is now ready to take a swing at treble cone.

Nagelmann can bring in an asset first season in “RB Leipzig”

The youngest coach in the top 5 leagues at the helm of the youngest team in the top 5 leagues. Union Nagelmann and “RB Leipzig” initially to look as intriguing. And, as practice showed, the bulls completely guessing with the new coach.

Before the spring “RB Leipzig” was a serious contender for the championship, but after the restart the bulls became too often lose points. Obviously, the turning point was a draw 0:0 on “Allianz-Arena”. In case of victory, the team Nagelmann got close to the leaders, but has not implemented 4-5 killer moments. There was a feeling that the draw was for the players a very heavy shot from the point of view of psychology.

But in General, it is unlikely in Leipzig can be happy with third place and the brilliant results in the Champions League, where the bulls still continue to struggle. There are all prerequisites for that and the second season will be for Nagelmann no less successful. Even without Timo Werner.

Schalke too bad

About the failure of Gelsenkirchen we’ve written in more detail. So since then, nothing has changed. Series, Schalke hasn’t won lasts for 16 matches, and the financial problems of the club does not promise a special gain on the transfer market.

Bet that next season, “cobalt” will be among the main contenders for the relegation. Even if the change of coach.

Gladbach in the case came in the Champions League. He needs it more than Bayer

Borussia M named Marco Rosa was one of the major revelations of the season. In the first round “studs” a few times even went out in leaders of the Bundesliga, but after the winter break stalled somewhat. In the end, between them and Bayern played out the fourth ticket to the Champions League.

And very good that it Gladbach got the coveted ticket to the European football elite. Borussia M in the last season stopped in a step from the Champions League, and in the summer spent on solid gain for getting into the top 4: Ambolo, Thuram, Laimer and Benseman cost in excess of 40 million euros, that for such a club a lot. A second flyby of the Champions League could be hit hard by the financial condition Borussia M.

While Bayer may in the summer just to sell Caverta and not sweating what he was waiting for some problems with money.

And on the game, if you take the whole entire season and not just the ending, Borussia M liked more. She had acted more responsibly and less dependent on the mood of two or three leaders.

“Hoffenheim” in LE some mistake

It’s hard to understand how the Europa League managed to get a team that at home lost 1:5 “Minzu”, 0:6 Bayern, 0:3, “Freiburg” and “Hertha”. “The peasants”, in fact, was the most faceless team of the season. At Hoffenheim enough talented players who can single-handedly decide the outcome of the match, but the team itself was not observed.

Even in the summer it was obvious that after the departure Nagelmann “the Hoff” expect a period of transition and to Alfred Schroeder had the time to build a new team. The Dutchman anything sensible did not, and four rounds before the finish the user sent in his resignation, and on the role of acting head coach took his assistant Matthias Kaltenbach. In the end, Kaltenbacher “the Hoff” scored 9 points from a possible 12, while the “Wolfsburg” in this period yielded just one victory.

In the last round of Kramaric gave a wild performance on the pitch, “Borussia” D and led Hoffenheim in the group stage of the Europa League. But it looks to be some mistake.

Werder Bremen – the pain of the season

It’s hard to see when such a great club like Werder Bremen almost hopelessly dangling in the relegation zone. And the saddest thing is that he was there absolutely the case.

Just think: for the whole season, Bremen have won only two home victories! On September 1, Werder Bremen beat FC Augsburg (3:2), and saving the last round smashed “Cologne” (6:1). The other six victories came on away games. And with these figures the Bremen managed not to fly directly. Then they should thank the guys from the “Union”, which, despite the absence of tournament motivation, in the last round defeated the “Fortune”. Otherwise, the team of Kohfeldt would already be in the Second Bundesliga.

The whole season, “musicians” was in a fever because of injuries, and the efforts of goalkeeper Pavlenky Rusizi winger and Central midfielder Klasen was too little.

Now Werder Bremen is waiting for its opponent in the play-offs, which will take place in early July. Contender two: “Heidenheim” and “Hamburg”. The first one point more, but in the last round match against the leader of the “Arminius”, while “dinosaurs” will play with the modest “Sandhausen”.

Best player of the season – Robert Lewandowski

There are other ways about it. Robert did a phenomenal season, scoring 34 goals. The fifth time in his career a phenomenal pole became the best scorer of the League! If Bayern can win the Champions League, you know who will receive the “Golden ball” in 2020.

Best young player of the season – Jadon Sancho

To be honest, for a very long time was torn between Sancho, Holanda and Davis. But still preferred Jadoo. Holland came in the “Borussia” D only in the winter, and canadian works great on attack, but in terms of positional play in defense he has a lot to learn. While Sancho is a ready – made top player for any club. Besides, he was the first in the history of the Bundesliga, who managed to make 15+ goals and assists in a season (17+16).

Team of the season

Neuer (“Bavaria”) – Hakimi (Borussia D), Ginter (Borussia M), Alaba (Bayern Munich), Davis (Bayern) – Sancho (Borussia D), Kimmich (Bayern Munich), Muller (Bayern), Thuram (Borussia M) – Werner (“RB Leipzig”), Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

Coach: Hans-Dieter Flick (Bayern)

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