Things are there, or Why the increase Sanitry will not change anything

Even during the last season of the world Cup have started to appear talking about the fact that the senior men’s team coach of Ukraine Juraj Sanitra can lead another women’s team. And here, now officially the Slovak specialist went on enhancementE.

Valery Lesnikov, who was the coach of the Ukrainian women’s biathlon team until the appointment of Santry, was working in the biathlon team, but will now coach the team B. These substitutions the coach has its advantages and disadvantages. But let’s start with the good.

Sanity will be able to choose the composition for the mixed relay

Of course, in the mixed relay, our team will only benefit from this. If Sanitra chose the only male on the stages of mixes, and they picked up women’s coach, now at Juraj will be carte Blanche.

At least, there should be less discussion within the team about who will act and who is not. How it will affect the results difficult to predict, but the probability to win medals in this discipline increases slightly.

Pros no more

Well, that’s true, I want to find at least several positive aspects, but it does not work. Well, except that the salary increase of Sanity, but it will benefit only the Slovak specialist. However, if the experiment proves a failure, then after two years, after the Olympic games in 2022, Juraj can and do lose their jobs.

Things are there

Sanity though nominally led the women’s team of Ukraine, but under his leadership, will train, only five biathletes: Valya and Vita Semerenko, Yulia Zhuravok, Darya blashko and Catherine Bech.

Anastasiya Merkushyna, as before, will prepare for the season under the guidance of his father-coach. Yulia Jim will continue to work with the Slovenian Uros Velepec. Also the captain Olena Pidhrushna, analyzing performances in recent years, I realized that showed the best results in the period when Velepec led the women’s team of Ukraine. Now Uros will train its captain.

Vita Semerenko, Julia Jima, Anastasiya Merkushyna and Olena Pidhrushna

Sanity can become a trainer only on paper

That is, almost nothing has changed. All loud statements about the fact that in the pre-Olympic season, you need to create one single team, remained empty words. And, unfortunately, even in the long term for the next Olympic cycle is difficult to imagine that Merkushina will leave the care of his father, and Jim, if you do not retire, will cease cooperation with Velepec.

Semerenko sisters, as Yulia Zhuravok, between camps will work with your personal mentor Gregory AMRAAM. The former Belarusian Darya Blashko, is likely to have an impact Vladimir Maglev, and Catherine beh, if not fixates on the world Cup, may at any time to return to the IBU Cup and there in the B team, again working in groups Ilya Lopukhov.

So, in theory, any biathlete of the team Sanitra, if it is something not like it, may at any time declare that it does not like this approach works and to start to deal with individually. Supposedly, Merkushino, Jim and Pidhrushna can, why others can not? If this happens, Sanity will be the coach on paper.

Will be difficulties in training during quarantine

And while Sanity will be the coach on the screen. In connection with quarantine, head coach remains at home and is not yet able to personally supervise the preparatory process. When something changes for the better, yet impossible to predict. According to the President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak, Sanitra even wanted to retire, as due to the closure of the borders until he could come and work directly with the athletes. But he was persuaded to stay.

Hopefully, once the pandemic is over, the competition will resume, and Sanity will be able to work as before. But it is quite possible that his players next season will be worse than Jim and Olena Pidhrushna. What do you do then? To change the coach before the Olympic season will be very dangerous. However, Velepec in an interview signaled that he was ready to consider returning to the national team of Ukraine…

Uros Velepec and Vladimir Brynzak

And what about the men’s team?

It is still difficult to predict how increasing the load on the shoulders of Sanitary impact on the success of the men’s team, which is completely in his power. Juraj is working with the Ukrainian biathlon 2016, the world Cup-2019 led Dmitry Pidruchna to the gold medal. The rest of his team stars in the sky are not enough, but progress in most athletes, though not huge, is still evident.

For Artem Prima last season became the best in his career. Ex-Junior Anton Dudchenko was able to gain a foothold in the world Cup and for the first time, showed very good results for a debutant. And Pidruchny has repeatedly stated that he is comfortable to work with Sonitrol and they believe that they can come to an Olympic medal. And, of course, the historic silver in men’s relay at the world Cup in Nove mesto-2020 was another proof of the fact that Sanitra fully corresponds to his office.

But there are gaps in the work of the senior coach. For example, the ex-leader of the team Sergey Semenov has occurred a significant decline in results, which has dragged on for three seasons. But it is possible that guilt Sanitry in the regression Semenova no. There is an opinion that Sergey in the summer often overloaded himself in training and fit for the winter in obessilennaya condition.

What are our prospects?

Sinitra made a difficult call. Few were willing to decide to lead the team in a time when every athlete trains with personal mentor, and for the results of the team have to answer you. Russian Andrey Prokunin in such conditions was able to work only a year, and then realized that it is better to go back to South Korea. But Sanitra knows, agreed. Let’s hope that he will be able again to surprise, already during the work with talented Blaško and beh.

And while the national Federation does not find a way to convince women to abandon personal trainers and begin to truly work as one cohesive team, no top coach will not be able to radically change for the better.

Fish are known rots from the head.

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