The Yemeni authorities and the separatists signed a peace and create a unified government

The internationally recognized government of Yemen and the separatists from the southern transitional Council (UPS) agreed to establish within 30 days a new government, thus supporting the initiative of Saudi Arabia to resolve the conflict. On the evening on July 28, said the state Agency of Saudi Arabia SPA.

The peace plan includes a cease-fire (from June 22 truce) and the appointment of the Governor and the head of security of the southern capital of Aden. Furthermore, all armed forces must leave the governorate of Aden.

The new government should be formed with equal representation of North and South Yemen, provided that the number of Ministers will represent UPS.

Saudi news Agency stressed that the negotiations took place with the support of the United Arab Emirates. Media wrote that the state was behind the attempts of the transitional Council to create a separate state of South Yemen.

The armed conflict in Yemen continues with March 2014. Houthi rebels (Shia paramilitary group) opposed the international coalition that supports ousted President Abd-rabbu Mansour Hadi. The Yemeni capital Sanaa is under the control of Houthis.

In August 2019 yups, which together with the forces of Hali and the coalition headed by Saudi Arabia is at war with the Houthis captured the town of Aden. The separatists demanded the resignation of the official government. These events jeopardized the activities of the international coalition and the restoration of territorial integrity of Yemen.

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