The usyk and Lomachenko note. Fighters, and help in times of coronavirus

During a pandemic coronavirus, needs support a significant and popular personalities. Of course, the athletes among them. They have resources in the form of Finance, and media, through which faster and more efficiently you can solve most of the issues.

While some boxers are starring in Russian films of dubious quality, others actively help their countries to fight the pandemic coronavirus.

Conor McGregor

The Irishman proved to be a great defender of his people, not only in fights but also in confrontations with the menace that threatens all. From the outset Conor donated 1 million Euro to combat coronavirus.

In this case, the fighter has posted screenshots of correspondence with the Irish Finance Minister Pascal Donohue: “Today I will purchase personal protective equipment in the amount of 1 million euros to accommodate all hospitals in the region of Leinster (province in the East of Ireland),” wrote McGregor.

At the same time Conor did not stop. Later, he also asked Donohue to toughen measures at airports and close construction. And in the beginning of April, criticized China. According to McGregor, they delivered to Ireland low-quality means of protection against the coronavirus:

“It’s just awful. Moreover, they inflated prices for masks, visors, gloves, respirators, oxygen tanks, monitors, etc., so also the coming part cannot be used.

Incredible, inhuman behavior. The Prime Minister should take back the words of gratitude and promises to help. What happened, just barbarism”

A little later McGregor again appealed to the government, warning about the likelihood of revolution:

“We may be three weeks away from a revolution. I have presented my arguments,” said Conor.

Conor believes that the Irish government should completely close the borders and impose more stringent measures to counter the spread of coronavirus.

Manny Pacquiao

Filipino, as a Congressman, decided not to leave his native country. He almost immediately purchased 50 thousand tests for coronavirus and 700 thousand masks to the local residents. In addition, Pacquiao has organized financial assistance to the needy and provided free food to those who lost their jobs due to a virus.

“If you consider yourself a leader, it needs to be. So that people can see that you’re with them. You don’t have to hide for fear of death. The coronavirus can cause chaos. I’m not afraid of death, but afraid of what might happen,” said Pacquiao.

At the moment Manny and his family are in isolation in the Philippines through social action to reduce the effects of the pandemic on the local population.

Tyson Fury

The Briton has attracted advertisers to the problem. He agreed with the company that is engaged in the manufacture of water for the athletes to provide doctors and rescue workers with the necessary quantity of drinking:

“All the world’s hard on everyone. But in our country the employees of the NHS, as always, awesome and really inspiring.

According to my information, they have enough food, but with drinking problems. So I contacted my sponsors and we decided to send for the needs of the NHS tens of thousands of bottles of isotonic”.

NHS – the health service in the UK. Now they have no problems with what to drink during assisting, thanks to Tyson fury including.

Eddie Hearn

British promoter wondered to about the heroism of the doctors were not forgotten and after overcoming the pandemic. Eddie promised to provide tickets to their show promotion company Matchroom Boxing physicians after the UK and the world from quarantine:

“We thought how to thank to all the incredible employees of the National health service (NHS) who selflessly help everyone in the process with the coronavirus. They are absolutely incredible.

“Matchroom Boxing” promises that, when we get back to the show with the audience (hopefully this will happen in the summer) on every Saturday night of Boxing and PPV in the country will be giving away 200 free tickets to medics.

Words cannot Express how grateful we are to you. You are the pride of our country. I wish everyone to stay healthy. All sit at home and soon things will get better,” said Eddie.

Amir Khan

And again about the UK. This time was marked by Amir Khan, which helps not only in England but also in his native Pakistan. Amir promised to give 530 thousand dollars for the poor in his homeland. Everyone who has the opportunity to work and to buy products because of the pandemic of the mers will be provided with food.

In addition, Amir is in Pakistan has a sports school that bears his name. Khan offered to local authorities to use the premises as a quarantine centre for people who’ve been diagnosed COVID-19.

In addition, the Khan handed over your unfinished shopping centre in Bolton for patients with coronavirus:

“I understand how difficult it is for people to be in hospital during this terrible time. Ready to give a 4-storey building with an area of 5500 square meters in the National health services of England to help people infected with the coronavirus. Take care of yourself,” wrote Amir.

Khan said that the distribution of finances and premises for the duration of the quarantine will deal with its social organization Amir Khan Foundation so that not a single penny went by and his action had the best results for people.

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