The US imposed sanctions against Kadyrov and his family. The head of Chechnya replied photography with machine guns

The US state Department has made the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in the black list and introduced against him and his family sanctions. About July 20, reported the press service Secretary Mike Pompeo on the Agency’s website.

The U.S. Department of state has extensive evidence to say that Kadyrov is responsible for human rights violations, torture and extrajudicial killings in the last 10 years, according to a release.

The blacklisting prohibits the entry of Kadyrov in the United States, and his wife Medni Kadyrova and daughters, Aishat and Karina.

“We call on countries that have the same views (like the USA), to the adoption of similar measures,” – said in a statement.

In response, Kadyrov has posted a photo with two machine guns and signed “Pompeo, we accept the battle! Next will be more interesting!”.

In the United States have adopted lawsthat provide for sanctions against Russians implicated in human rights violations. These laws are named in honor of the deceased Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. Kadyrov USA made in the “Magnitsky list” in 2017. In the American Ministry of Finance declared that he is responsible for extrajudicial killings, torture and other gross violations of human rights in the region.

Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Chechnya since 2007.

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