The United States will increase military contingent in Poland

Warsaw and Washington have agreed to increase the American military contingent in Poland. About it on July 31 announced the Ministry of defence of Poland.

The Ministry said that the sides reached a political agreement, an agreement to increase the number of American troops in Poland to 5.5 thousand (1 thousand) can be signed after the completion of the “editorial work” on the text.

Poland became a NATO member in 1999. Now in the territory of the state is about 4000 United States military, says Bloomberg.

In September 2018 the US President Donald trump and the President of Poland Andrzej Duda held negotiations, following which it was agreed to expand cooperation in the defense sphere. They announced the possible deployment in Poland of a us military base.

In March 2019, the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg told the newspaper The Wall Street Journal that NATO plans to build in Poland the Arsenal for the storage of American military equipment.

On 17 June, the Polish Minister of defence Mariusz Blascak said that USA will deploy troops in the six points on the Eastern border of Poland. The Minister noted that the U.S. troops stationed on the border of Poland and Belarus, will constrain the possible aggressor.

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