The United States accused PMC “Wagner” in the booby-traps and minefields in Libya

There is a clear evidence that Russian private military company “Wagner” was engaged in a chaotic mining in large areas of Libya from the capital Tripoli to Sirte. On July 15 announced African command of the U.S. armed forces (AFRICOM).

“Sponsored by the Russian government, the group “Wagner” laid mines and improvised explosive devices in and around Tripoli, breaking the UN embargo on deliveries of weapons and endangering the lives of innocent Libyans. Verified photographic data indicate random placement from mid-June booby-traps and minefields from the outskirts of Tripoli to Sirte. According to our estimates, these weapons were brought into Libya by the group “Wagner”, – stated in the message.

The presence in Libya of a group of Wagner, numbering about 2,000 people, changes the nature of the inter-Libyan conflict and increases the potential risk to non-combatants, said the command.

“Photos and intelligence reflect the way in which Russia continues to interfere in Libyan Affairs. Reckless use of the Wagner anti-personnel mines and booby-traps harm innocent civilians,” – said the head of intelligence AFRICOM Heidi Berg,

After the overthrow in 2011 of the regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi the country has formed a new government, however, in 2014 it split and in Libya, fighting broke out between the two administrations. One of them is the internationally recognized government of national unity, which controls Tripoli, the second – “tobrucka the government,” the armed forces which is commanded by Khalifa Haftar.

About sending Russian mercenaries in Libya in November 2019 wrote the American newspaper The New York Times. According to the newspaper, Russia for six weeks in Libya sent 200 mercenaries, some of whom are snipers. They participated in the fighting on the side of the Haftarot. In addition, the PMC “Wagner”, according to media reports, was engaged in the recruitment of new recruits to the force General in Syria.

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