The UFC is going to hold the tournament in may. Is it real?

Dana white is the most stubborn Manager in the martial arts. He did not cancel UFC to the last, and after the cancellation said that it is long and announced that the next fights MMA promotion we will see on may 9. How they can succeed?

What happened?

The UFC 249 for a long time was the only tournament on single combats which are not canceled and have not rescheduled the date. Dana argued that the battle of Habib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will be in any scenario:

“Fight Habib and Tony will take place exactly on time. Somewhere on this fucking planet,” – said the head of the UFC.

First, from the distance came the Russians. He said that left the U.S. a few weeks before the fight due to the fact that he was so advised, but then the organization didn’t provide a place to fight against Ferguson. The battle broke the fifth time. Many of the jokes (joke right?), that match will never take place.

Replacement found quickly. Justin Geti agreed to go into battle against one of the wildest fighters the UFC two weeks before the fight. And Dana white is more angry. And when asked about the venue, and when I tried to know why Habib did not remain in America. First, he argued that Nurmagomedov will fight accurately, but as soon as the Russians refused and said that everyone knew that he would not come in the octagon.

Questions about the location of white’s annoying much stronger. He accused the journalists that they immediately run to complain at him and said that the venue will know the fighters almost directly before the tournament. There were rumors that Dana took the whole island to hold there tournaments every week, but it came down to a more simple option.

White tried to circumvent the law and face in the Indian reservation on the West coast of the United States. The fact that there are no laws of the Athletic Commission of the state, and, therefore, tournaments and sporting events not officially canceled. It seemed perfect:

– the number of doctors has doubled

– the territory of the casino was to be granted only to employees of the UFC after a medical examination.

– treadmills were placed in the rooms of the soldiers and in the fresh air far away from each other

– the commentators would have been placed further away from the octagon

– contacts maintenance personnel with soldiers would be limited

But already on 10 April, 8 days before the tournament, it was cancelled.

The Governor of California personally called Disney, which owns 80% rights to UFС. Then the tournament was cancelled just a few hours. Apparently, the Governor didn’t like the fact that its territory can easily bypass the laws of the United States.

What now?

Dana is not upset. A few days after he announced that the next UFC tournament scheduled for may 9. That is, in less than a month. Card promised to be incredible, but some fighters have already appeared. For example, Amanda Nunez refused because of the pandemic.

But while the card is still powerful. Pettis will fight in a rematch against Serrone, Ngandu meet Rozenstruik and Ferguson Gati. Even these three fights is enough to wait for this show. However, still not clear how white is going to spend it so soon, given that right now in America, most cases of the coronavirus in the world.



It seems that Dana continues to confuse everyone. He said that in may and a maximum in the beginning of June to start fighting island, and every UFC fighter by the end of the year will hold there for three games. Then you receive information about what the tournament will be held in Florida. And in a time supposedly in the same Indian reservation.

Most likely, the white is just leaking information to journalists to confuse everyone, and the venue to report, as planned, at the last moment the fighters and their teams. How this happens will depend on many things. But even with such a plan does not guarantee that the matches will be held.

So, the real tournament?

While it is absolutely unclear how white is going to hold fights. Even the most closed of them requires a large number of people. Operators, doctors, judges, staff, fighters and their teams. The tendency leads to the fact that in America, may 9, are all so adjusted that the fights will be really organize.

Dana says that near the main office of the UFC built the hall in which they can carry out the fights, and also to test the fighters and organize all the necessary procedures to ensure that all was safe. But the problem is that the hall is still located on the territory of the state where there are laws and prohibitions. How they going to get around the white is a huge issue.

Now it looks just like a show of interest for promotion in the blank on the events of the time, and the idea of the head of the UFC to hold the tournament during a pandemic madness.

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