The U.S. army finally found a replacement for his immortal Humvee

The U.S. army is soon to start purchasing the electric versions of passenger of tactical vehicle (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle JLTV-EV), which eventually will replace the outdated Humvee.

The Pentagon plans to buy three variants of JLTV-EV: side, a heavy weapons platform and a platform for melee combat. Each electric car will be equipped with turbodiesel engine Banks 866T, developed on the basis of a 6.6-liter diesel V-8 Duramax. However, from the point of view of logistics one of the main advantages JLTV has the potential to create big problems.

According to the publication the US Army is concerned that the transition to electric traction in the civilian sector can make to electrify and JLTV. The growth in popularity of electric vehicles will increase the cost of cars with internal combustion engines, and possibly fuel. The U.S. army plans to buy about 50,000 JLTV, which will operate over the next 20 years or more, and the increase in prices can dramatically increase the cost of the program.

There are also other reasons why the army may waive the internal combustion engine. In particular, the fuel from the refineries shall be delivered to the combat zone and special convoys through areas where you can act subversive groups of the enemy. So it was in Iraq and Afghanistan, bringing the US army has lost hundreds of trucks along with drivers.

Charging of EVS can be accomplished in several ways, from solar panels (small groups of vehicles) and portable nuclear reactors of new generation (for large infantry groups).

At JLTV-EV is also a tactical advantage – he’s much quieter than a standard jeep, which complicates its detection, for example, during reconnaissance missions.

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