The third police officer, accused in the murder of Floyd, released on bail

Another former police officer involved in the murder of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, released on bail, reported the TV station Fox9.

Ex-officer Tu Tao, who is accused of aiding and abetting murder, July 4, was released from prison after paying $750 thousand, He was detained for a month and a day.

Under the terms of the release, Tao needs to be on-call judge and the investigator not to contact the victim’s family.

Of the participants in the arrest of Floyd remains in custody Derek Savin, who is charged with murder in the second and third degreeand manslaughter in the second degree. It Showin may 25, force was used against African-American, pushing a knee on his throat. Satexperts confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation.

June 5, arrested ex-police officer Alexander Quango, Thomas lane and the Tao the court set bail in the amount of $750 thousand each, Showin has to pay for out-of-jail $1 million.

Lane was released on 10 June, Kuang – 20th.

After the death of Floyd in the United States began a protest that is still going on.

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