The technology of hair regeneration is able to fight age-related hearing loss

Researchers from the Massachusetts (USA) offered an alternative point of view on the development presbycusis – gradual hearing loss with aging of the human body. Previously it was thought that it is a multifactorial process and blame itself is aging, fight which we cannot yet do. However, American scientists a different view – they lay the blame on wear and tear of the inner ear with voloskovye cells. And they know how to treat them.

A detailed study of the structure and damage to the inner ear is possible only post-mortem autopsy. American scientists were able to collect 120 audiogram of the subjects in their lives, and then to perform an autopsy and to compare two types of data. They found a clear relationship between hearing impairment and destruction of the layer of hair cells. And it does not intersect with other factors of aging – so, it’s not about abstract ageing and the status of specific parts of the body.

Hair cells are suffering and dying from the usual noise – the longer and stronger the exposure, the more traumatic effect it has on cells. Like any living tissue, they can’t resist the load and not be damaged. So, our task is to consciously take care to protect the inner ear from severe and frequent noise. If you take care of oneself and to avoid too loud noises, it is possible to save for old age a large part of the hair cells, and along with them, and a good ear.

On the other hand, completely avoid noise for life will still fail, because you need to think about helping those who have lost some hair cells. According to researchers, there are useful technologies for regenerative therapy of hair. However, this is a relatively new area where there is still much unknown, so to talk about specific prescription against age related hearing loss yet.

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