The Tajik authorities banned Russian endings in the names

The Parliament of Tajikistan adopted amendments to the law, which is now banned in the country to use Russian endings in the birth certificates. About it reports a press-service of the Parliament.

During the presentation of amendments, the Minister of justice of Tajikistan Muzaffar ASURION said that they are aimed at the implementation of the decision on registration of citizens “according to the register of the Tajik national names.”

The press service said that after the entry into force of this law, the registration will be prohibited from using the names and patronymics of the end of “HIV”, “ov”, “EV”, “Eva”, “Aries”.

Exception can be only for representatives of national minorities, also the ban does not apply to those who have received a certificate with an ending before the entry into force of these amendments.

Other citizens of Tajikistan have to use traditional finishing, in particular, “zod”, “zod”, “he”, “Yong”, “dukta”, “PUR”, “headlights”.

Parliament recalled that since 2007, in Tajikistan began to use the names without Russian endings. As explained by the authorities, such measures “contribute to the growth of national and Patriotic feelings among the population”.

In 2007, the President changed his name from Rakhmonov to Rakhmon.

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