The Swedish website has published secret documents about the preparation of the Turkish invasion to Greece

In 2014, the General staff of the Turkish armed forces has developed and approved a plan for the invasion of Greece, which is an ally country of NATO. About it it is spoken in the publication of the website of the Nordic Monitor, which belongs to the Swedish non-governmental organization Nordic Research Monitoring Network.

The content of the plan of military operations are classified, known only by his name – “Kakaba”. This is the name of the famous Turkish commander of the XI century, the founder of the Navy of the country.

The presence of directives about the invasion of Greece became known through PowerPoint presentations, which was discovered in the materials of the investigation of the coup that occurred in Turkey in 2016. The investigator studied the role of staff in the coup, asked the military documents in recent years, but probably before you submit them to the court, forgot to delete files belonging to military secrets.

In 2019 Nordic Monitor reportedthat evidence of training for the operation of Turkish troops in Armenia. Plan, dated 2001, was named military leader of the twentieth century Fahrettin Altai.

Turkey and Greece have disagreements about the boundaries of territorial waters and airspace in the Aegean sea.

Relations between Armenia and Turkey complicated the issue of recognition of the Armenian genocide and the fact that Ankara showed its support of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh conflict.

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