The strange story of the oldest cognac in the world

Three bottles of the oldest in the world of cognac Gautier 1762 for a long time belonged to the family of Dancer, where they were kept since 1870. However, their 258-year history can make a surprise on may 28, when a unique cognac will finally be auctioned.

It is worth noting that the company Gauthier, who was 265 years old, still exists. One of the three surviving bottles in the Museum of the company, and the second was purchased at Bonhams auction in new York April 30, 2014 for 59 $ 500 Polish company Wealth Solutions, specializing in rare spirits and collector’s items. Later information on the bottle “the oldest cognac in the world” was listed in the Guinness Book of records.

And then the totally unexpected happened: the bottle was opened in the presence of the audience, after which its contents are poured into smaller bottles and distributed them to the partners – the manufacturer of luxury watches the Swiss company Armin Strom, the Italian company Montegrappa, known for its writing utensils, and a mint of Poland, which was highly unusual use of the ancient drink.

So Armin Strom has released a batch of 40 luxury watches, the mechanisms of which were built capsule with a drop of cognac. The price of one copy – $ 300 27.

In turn, Montegrappa introduced a series of 100 silver and 10 gold fountain pens, in a case which also put a drop of brandy. Golden pen can be purchased for 12,000, and silver for 4375 USD.

The mint of Poland in cooperation with the company Lux Coin minted 300 gold coins with a drop of cognac Louis XV. All coins are legal tender. In retail they can be purchased for 8135 dollars for each coin.

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