The scandal in Bulgaria. Biathlete broke the pots with the Federation and retired

Today Bulgaria is a typical periphery in biathlon. But it was not always so. Recently, at the turn of the Millennium, Bulgarian biathletes were making all the fuss and successes that are the envy of even the Ukrainians.

The main achievement of the Bulgarian biathlon is the gold medal of Catherine Darovskoy in the individual race at the Olympic games-1998 in Nagano, Japan. Yes, it is a race in which our Elena Petrova won the silver award. And compatriot Darovskoy Pavlina Filipova stopped then, literally in a step from a pedestal, having lost the Ears of Dizl some two tenths of a second.

Elena Petrova, Ekaterina Dafovska and Ears of Dizl

Oddly enough, relatively little time was needed for women’s biathlon in Bulgaria died as such. Men, until recently, in separate races, under certain circumstances, could fight for medals, including the main start of the season. But now, it seems that Bulgarians will lose it, and not without the participation of the legendary Darovskoy.

Sven refused to come to the gathering and delivered an ultimatum to the legend

Last week Bulgaria’s national team was going to go for the first training camp in preparation for next season, but one of the leaders of the men’s team Krasimir Anev refused to come to him and delivered an ultimatum to the national Federation, which has more than 10 years, led by the same Ekaterina Dafovska.

33-year-old biathlete demanded the resignation Darovskoy as head of the biathlon Federation of Bulgaria, promising that otherwise, he retires. But the Olympic champion had not even considered the option to go on about the blackmailer. Like, its all happy, and any problems Krassimir himself invented.

“There is no Federation, which would be run by alone. We in the Council of nine, the Council makes the decisions. Most important decisions are not made alone.

Sven blames me, but that’s not surprising. Back in 2013 he said he wants to prepare out of the team. And all our problems began after, when he went against the coach.

We tried to contact him all week, but he’s not answering his phone, not answering calls of the Secretary-General and coach. I have no problem with Anawim or personal relationship, he is with me” – said Dafovska.

The man said – man did

Sven was clearly prepared for this turn of events and, as promised, has announced his retirement. Supposedly he was trying to get to work under the guidance of new coach, the Russian Alexander Kasperovich. This is the same coach Alexander Loginov, who in February was illegal at the world Cup in Antholz by Ukrainian accreditation and became involved in a doping scandal.

Garanichev Evgeniy

“I said – either I’m working with a new coach, or done. I suffered for seven years. I’ve had enough! It’s hard to say that after 22 years in this sport. I have no future with this President of the Federation. I want to see at least some development. I don’t see it in these conditions. I hope that the leadership will be replaced”, – said goodbye to the fans FAK.

Bulgarian biathlon was on the verge of extinction. Further – the abyss

In this story it’s very complicated, but it’s safe to say only that the situation escalated over the years, and recent events were the last drop in the overflowing Cup of patience. Sven, of course, stars in the sky are not enough, but a lot of times ran in the top 10 in the individual world Cup races, and also took medals at the European Championships, including gold, thus earning the Bulgarian biathlon funding.

And now, unfortunately, biathlon in Bulgaria was on the verge of extinction. Men of the high-level biathletes were only Vice-world champion 2019 Vladimir Iliev, but he, like Anevo, 33. Alone fighting for the current quota of four men Iliev will not pull, but a worthy replacement just yet. Then there is the abyss. In the reserve there is no one who can even occasionally run to the end zone.

Vladimir Iliev

Women have the talented Milena Todorova, where many predict a great future. 22-year-old Bulgarian in the past season often scoring in the world Cup, but will she be able to progress – hard to say. As they say, time will tell.

Personal training in the future cause problems

Somehow in this story immediately struck by the fact that Anevo allowed to train individually. On the one hand, in the top teams is a common practice, but Bulgaria, like Ukraine, their list is not included. What and why are given such privileges – is unclear.

It is possible that the benefit in this, but most often it is temporary, and in the future begins to cause problems. Biathlete, having achieved success, to feel important and brings its own conditions and requirements that are often difficult to perform. But others believe that they are no worse and also want to get “buns”.

A very similar situation now in the Ukraine national team. Yulia Jim for many years training with the Uros Velepec, Anastasiya Merkushyna not going to leave his mentor, and her 15-year-old sister, Alexandra, after a few years of knocks to the main team and probably will support the family’s position. And we have realized that to fight it is useless, you need to wait for a change of generations, which, apparently, can last for many years.

However, more importantly, to Ukrainian women did not follow the example Anew. Ultimatums rarely lead to something good. In fact, as “outlaws”.

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