The Russian health Ministry recommended not to take into account in the statistics of patients COVID-19 in the form of light

The Ministry of health of Russia recommended not to take into account in the overall statistics for COVID-19 cases of coronavirus in the form of light. This is stated in the training manual, published on the website of the Ministry of health.

“In case of detection of the virus in the absence of complaints, objective and additional information this state should be regarded as carriers of the virus… Such cases in the statistics of morbidity and mortality not included”, – stated in the recommendations.

In Russia on 27 may confirmed more than 370 thousand cases COVID-19, of which nearly 4 million people died. According to data from the American Johns Hopkins University of the Russian Federation is in third place in the world in number of patients. Everything in the world COVID-19 was confirmed at 5.6 million, 352 thousand died.

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