The Russian Federation was not notified of the transfer of power PMC through Belarus – the security Council of Belarus

Russia has informed the Belarusian side about moving through the territory of Belarus military forces. This was stated by state Secretary of the security Council of Belarus Andrei Ravkov, writes the news Agency BelTA.

“If it was carried out transfer somewhere private military company, especially through the territory of Belarus, probably, through some special services would have been certain clarifications. Because it is a very serious matter. But it so happened that neither the FSB, nor by the line of the GRU, for no other structure, this information is not received,” said Still.

He called the detention of the mercenaries, “a very unpleasant fact”, which is not confirmed by the Russian Federation.

Employees of group “A” of the KGB of Belarus and the riot police of the interior Ministry in Minsk district on the night of July 29, detained 32 Russians. Another member of the group were arrested in the South of Belarus. According to Belarusian state news Agency BelTA, all foreigners are members of the PMC “Wagner”. More than 10 of them are included in the list of the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” as participants of military operations on Donbass on the side of the separatists.

The Russian Embassy in Belarus refused to officially comment on the situation with the detention of fighters of the private military company. Diplomats said it had not received official notification of the detention of Russian citizens on the territory of Belarus, therefore, requested information from the competent authorities of Belarus.

Russian writer and Thriller Zakhar Prilepin said that among the detained mercenaries were a few people from his “battalion”. According to him, the militants did not intend to destabilize the situation in Belarus. “The usual story: well-trained people are moving in certain directions on their routes, they have their own business and no they do not need Belarus,” said Park.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during urgent meetings with members of the security Council stated that it was necessary to apply to the relevant structures of the Russian Federation to explain the situation with the Russian fighters PMC “Wagner” in Belarus.

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