The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic asked the guard for a Russian diplomat after being accused of plotting the assassination of Czech politicians

The Russian Embassy in Prague asked the Czech Republic to provide protection to the member of a diplomatic mission who is accused of plotting the assassination of Czech officials and politicians. The statement of the Embassy published to Facebook on may 11.

The accusations against the diplomat, the Russian Embassy called “false and unsubstantiated” and said they were “repeatedly and unequivocally” refuted in Moscow and Prague.

The Embassy appealed to the Czech foreign Ministry “to take all appropriate measures to prevent any encroachments on the person, freedom and dignity of the employee”.

“Because of the expanded Czech media personal persecution of a Russian diplomat in his address began to receive threats. The Embassy in this regard is also forced to go to the Czech side for the employees of the diplomatic mission of the police protection,” – said in a statement.

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