The Russian elite had access to the vaccine for coronavirus in April – Bloomberg

Dozens of Russian political and business elites in April gained access to an experimental vaccine against coronavirus. On it informs Agency Bloomberg with reference to the program participants.

We are talking about the experimental vaccine, developed by research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei. Among those who got the vaccine were top managers of the UC Rusal, business leaders pravitelstvennye officials, the Agency said.

The interlocutor of the Agency said that the vaccination programme was attended by several hundred people. Inthe opportunity to voluntarily participate in receiving doses of the experimental vaccine was given legally, but is kept secret to avoid an influx of potential applicants. Bloomberg writes that the journalists of the Agency famous several tens vaccinated.

According to one of the top managers who received the vaccine, the side effects he had. Other participants reported fever and muscle pain after receiving the injections.

Some executives of large companies said that refused the offer of an experimental vaccination because the vaccine needs testing, and its safety has not been proven.

June 11 edition of the Wall Street Journal wrote that the Russian scientists hasten to answer the request of President Vladimir Putin to develop a vaccine against coronavirus by the fall; in the country investigated 10 experimental vaccines. One of the drugs tested for the military.

16 June it became known that the Russian Ministry of health allowed testing of the vaccine against the coronavirus in humans.

That from coronavirus infection can be vaccinated with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the author’s program editor-in-chief of the Internet edition “GORDON” Alesya Batman in may, said the former Soviet intelligence officer, Putin’s classmate in the Institute of the KGB Yuri Shvets.

His words are confirmed by Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky. He said that, according to some, already a significant group of the highest officials were vaccinated against coronavirus.

Flash COVID-19 began in late 2019 in China. March 11, 2020, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to data from the American Johns Hopkins University, the total number of infected people in the world exceeded 14.5 million, of which more than 8.1 million recovered, and more 606,1 thousand died.

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