The Russian authorities need a new victorious war, the only way they can stay – and they are actively looking for

Victory day Рutin style – premonition of civil war.

That power had turned the Victory Day in the apotheosis of boorishness and stupidity, in the desecration of the memory already written everything. The fireworks in the empty city, the divers portraits of veterans at the bottom of the river – that water imbued with the greatness of our victory, girls on nails, plump heads in the bows – it all reflects a disgusting trend of recent years. The soldiers, whom I knew, found only the beginning of this process, but spat already and never in official show was not involved.

The meaning of the actions of the authorities, in General, is understandable – their achievements no need to cling to the tragedy and try to announce the winners of it yourself. Before the war was won by Stalin, not the people, now and at all Putin. And about how many on this steal, and do not want to talk.

But there is this Sabbath, in fact, negates the best day of our history, another aspect. The authorities need a new victorious war, the only way they can stay – and they are actively looking for.

No second Crimea, and from the first left one hangover. World war, they don’t want to blackmail, but do not bring to the region. Small adventures have no effect. But to defeat the internal enemy – a sweet deal.

Victory day was previously the embodiment of unity of all of us, regardless of political views. Of course, there is the New year, left Easter, when people are in different ways related to religion, Recalling the victory of life over death, is not inclined to look for enemies among their neighbors. But the Day of the Victory of Putin’s performance does not unite, but divides. He builds a wall between us and the world – we fought turns out to be one with all of Europe and no-one helped us.

But the main thing is that the Day of Victory in the Putin divides our society. Explain the screen that has enemies, they live then the polls would go to the policemen. Those who don’t like flypast by the epidemic in the country. Those who do not want, leaned out the window with the portrait of his grandfather, to sing in chorus. Who is not delighted with the demonstration occurred two years ago victory in hockey over Germany, i.e. the equating of war and games of present-day Germany and the Reich. The next step – and the government is ready to do it – the command to destroy the traitors. According to the laws of war, because the peace we have not arrived.

Mr. President! To make the great of Russia have failed. Now you want to us all of a great upheaval.

And all – happy holidays! May 9 – a great day!

Source: Leonid Gozman / Facebook

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