The Rover Perseverance found the remains of ancient life… in Australia

NASA experts are currently preparing a new Mars Rover Perseverance to his first mission on the red planet. And this is carried out extensive testing in the deserts of Australia.

The mission of Perseverance will be launched in July this year, its main goal will be the search for ancient microbial life on Mars. And the Rover has already proved himself in this matter – during the first tests on the spine of the Flinders ranges in Australia he found fossils and remains of ancient microbes that lived in the region hundreds of millions of years ago.

The findings allowed the scientists to draw conclusions about the environment in which these organisms exist. The results of the study were published in the journal Astrobiology in the future will assist in the study of life on other planets.

“Interestingly, we were able to find traces of ancient organisms of the Cambrian period – a time when the development of land animals was just beginning,” says astrobiologist from the University of New South Wales Bonnie Tees. “We have found biomarkers, organic compounds, as well as physical fossils and minerals associated with biological life of that period”.

Tis indicates that the Flinders Range very well reproduces the conditions in which you will have to work with Perseverance on Mars. This desolate, dusty region with strong winds. Any findings in this area may have traces of considerable wear and breakage due to the impact of changes in temperature, pressure and wind. However, Perseverance has clearly proven that he can work and get a result, even in such difficult conditions.

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