“The robot tank” X6 professional will wash any window

Washing Windows is not a pleasant thing, and not the safest when it comes to large Windows on the upper floors. A regular call to the professional cleaner, not everyone will afford. X6 – a new robot for cleaning Windows, which will be a good helper in everyday life.

The robot is held firmly on the glass surface and can even move through walls. Two silicone tracks with a high coefficient of friction and function of antiskid X6 allow you to move freely on the surface. Cloth material for washing can be easily removed for washing and reuse.

The robot safely holds on glass of any thickness. It is equipped with artificial intelligence, however, for the correct actions is the remote control. X6 is able to wash Windows with a speed square meter for 2 minutes. As the cleaning process often has to deal with great heights, there developed a robust algorithm for fall protection. It is strongly recommended to tie the safety rope, which is sold in a set, it is able to withstand weight up to 150 kg.

X6 has a built-in uninterruptible power supply system (UPS). In the event of a power outage the UPS will continue feeding it to the robot fell from the glass. In addition, the X6 has two built-in smart sensors. The robot can intelligently plan the most efficient route to clean, to determine the edge of the window and automatically clean the entire desired area. X6 is available for order on Indiegogo for $245.

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