The return of Soriano and raids with the participation of our

Football at the end of the quarantine must yet again become the norm, as individual tournaments already close to completion. This week will be played the last round of the Bundesliga, getting closer and closer to the definition of champion in England, and a secondary intrigue, a little hesitant. Well, the more interesting the stories that we have prepared the finish line.

Football Brexit weekend

Coach “Burnley” Sean Daic put on a match against “Manchester city” team, in which one Czech Matej Vydra has diluted the company of ten of the British. And if Spain and, to a lesser extent, Italy, France, Germany, this support of domestic producers is normal, in England in the last ten started their match… in 2006-m to year.

And even that achievement was more formal! Just the coach, “Middlesbrough” Steve McClaren three days before the UEFA Cup final (it’s hard to believe, but “boatman” at least 15 years ago played in the final of a European competition) put on a meaningless match of the championship ambitious doubles. The only reason why Schwarzer, Viduka, Hasselbaink, Rochemback lost in the various English teenagers.

If you search for match of the club in the Premier League started (and finished) all English players, then have to go back to the last century. 27 February 1999, Aston Villa started the match against Coventry without a single legionary – it is noteworthy that its composition came the current England coach Gareth Southgate. He later played in “Middlesbrough”, where in 2006-m year, will replace the departed national team Steve McClaren.

However, records records, and the result of the abundance of English contributes to weak. All three of the aforementioned match ended in defeats: “Aston Villa” in his field lost “Coventry” 1:4, “Middlesbrough” lost to Fulham 0:1, “Burnley” generally let himself be destroyed with the score 0:5. A brace eleventh Englishman on the field: Phil Foden, the only Islander who has made a game of Josep Guardiola.

The return of the weekend

Villarreal twice led in the account against Sevilla and was forced to settle for a draw, but the locker room after the final whistle was just elated. The fact that “yellow submarine” was in a situation that really is more important than goals, points and seconds.

Twitter Villarreal

Bruno Soriano is the representative of an endangered species one-club-man s in world football. His entire career he’s playing for Villarreal, and it began in those times when “Middlesbrough” even reached the final of the European Cup. This season fourteenth for Bruno in the first team. He agreed to play for the “submarine” in the second division when he was 28 and he from time to time was called to the national team of Spain. He played a huge role in the two exits in the Champions League, the last of which took place five years ago.

In 2017, the year the freight train in the off-season Soriano injured his calf. This damage led to the growth of bone, which required complex operations and difficult of restoration. Three years, three long years Bruno was out of the game. His brother admitted that the situation is so tired that the family at some point even stopped talking about football and himself, Bruno said that more than once thought about retirement.

Yesterday Bruno has released on as a substitute against Sevilla. He played seven minutes and even managed to make a card with the color of the form, but it is certainly not important. The President of the club embraced Soriano after the final whistle, the partners gave the captain a real ovation. This match was his 417-m for Villarreal – closest pursuer in the rankings of the guards he is ahead of more than forty games.



Soriano’s contract with the club expires at the end of the season 2019/20. He was already 36 years old, and with all the restoration and inhuman desire of the player to come back no one can guarantee him a place in the “Villarreal”, and the other team are Examples of at the expiration of the current agreement. Now you know that in a three-month delay of the championship has its advantages.

“Our guys” weekend

Along with the return of top soccer is back in the big game and our star players. Oleksandr Zinchenko has played for the first time after the resumption of quarantine, giving man city to smash all the same “Burnley”. Ukrainians have traditionally been in the top three the number of gears (102, only rodri) and touches (123, most of all), supported the attack on the left flank. The bulls as a whole underclass of the opponent (19:1 shot, 7:0 on shots on target), and Sasha against this background, at least not failed.

Ruslan Malinovskiy has also played for the first time after the quarantine and was also involved in a crushing victory. True, he came only with the score 4:0 – Atalanta casually slinging “Sassuolo”, and right after the fourth ball Gianpiero Gasperini made a triple substitution. To show their best side to Ruslan failed: his only shot went wide of the target, sharp passes, he also did not give. The match ended with the score 4:1, the only goal BERGAMASCHI conceded in the stoppage time.

The defeat was featured on the Eugene Shakhov, only it was the defeat of his team. Milan, obviously, the quarantine has benefited: after a very high quality match in the Cup against Juventus, the team Pioli defeated the exit Lecce. The Ukrainian came out onto the pitch in the 87th minute, when the score was 1:4, and not had time to check the visible action – even one accurate transmission is not given. Lecce remain in the relegation zone, while that of the Genoa, which is equal to the number of points on the bench…

Record of the weekend

Bayern, under the leadership of Hans-Dieter flick is good before, she just could not set any record. Saturday’s victory over the “Freiburg” has become a Star of South 15th in the League in a row, and this is a record for German clubs.

Goal of the weekend

Leicester struggling to get back in the Champions League: the rink the first round in the past, but the gap on Manchester United, Tottenham and other billion project “foxes” holding. The match against “Watford” was developed hard, painful: Ben foster had a long, parried Vardy and company, but Ben Chilwell printed namesake just a brilliant shot.

Video 0:50

However, in the last seconds of “the Fox” still missed the victory, allowing the opponent to score from a corner.

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