The return of Formula 1: calendar, security, pilots and format

Formula 1 has decided that the situation with coronavirus are already controlled enough to try to start the season. The series has published the official calendar for the first part of the season: only 8 stages, all in Europe, including two races in Austria and great Britain. Apparently, for f-1 it is important to do 8 races, as in the rules says that the tournament will be held in eight stages held. Ideally, the user hopes for 15-18 Grand Prix.

While there is no clarity with the flight and the situation generally in the Americas as well as Asia, so the Formula-1 planned stages in Europe. It is known that in this year will not be racing in France, Monaco, Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands. Not likely to be the Grand Prix of Canada, under the race question in Mexico, where it is now very difficult situation with coronavirus. Apparently, the fall series is planning to actively pursue the steps in Asia. China and potentially two races in Bahrain, plus new track in Vietnam. Anyway, if Europe in the next month will be a significant degradation with the spread of the virus, racing f-1 this year we will be able to see. Further the calendar of f-1 is intended to present in the coming weeks.

What security? Leadership is going to create a so-called “bubble of security”. All teams fly together in the country, there are populated next to the racetrack and stay away from the local population. Every 2 days all pilots, employees and team members will be tested for the coronavirus. The number of employees has been reduced – up to 80 per team. In addition, reduced the number of people employed in the organization of the Grand Prix, and the journalists, reporters and commentators in General will not be allowed to race (at least at first) and they have to work remotely.

Change of procedure start and finish of the race. No show before you start (may not be hymns), as well as a minimalist ceremony of the podium.

A very important point. Chapter f-1 Chase Carey said that cases of coronavirus among even the pilots will not lead to stop the race or suspension of the season. Although management understands that can happen any situation, including mass infection.

“If someone gets sick, it’s phase cancellation will not result. If the pilot is sick, then all of the commands to backup drivers. You can think of a lot of “what if…”, but we have prepared a detailed plan of security, and that is able to execute,” said Cary.

Earlier it was reported that all the pilots supported the return of f-1 and yet, publicly, none of the racers have opposed attempts to hold the championship. Starting stages just pass without the fans, but f-1 caution hopes that somewhere in the fall, you can open fans access to the stands.

Formats of racing. How much would the Grand Prix in the end is not held, but the season can hardly be called ordinary, or even complete. In such a situation within the f-1 originated the idea of experimenting with formats. For example, as a test to hold a qualifying race or a sprint race for 30-40 minutes. However, these options are not supported by all 10 teams (for making decisions need the consent of all participants) and f-1 yet abandoned his experiments. So the stages will be held in the usual format.

“We had a discussion about the new formats that would please the fans. Including talked about this season, but not all commands is supported. But we will continue to study them and look for options,” said Cary.

What we have in the end? The start of the 3rd July, with two races in Austria and the European calendar of the 8 stages. Grand Prix without the fans, and the cases of the coronavirus will not stop the race or championship.

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