The promoter of the Mustache – on call Gritsai: “I’ll think about it after a month?”

Alexander Krasyuk, promoter of Ukrainian heavyweight Alexander Usik (17-0, 13 KO’s), said that thinking about an abandoned call from Bogdan grits.
“The increased popularity of the Barbel does not leave indifferent to almost anyone. Public figures, athletes, politicians – everyone is trying to be heard. For this purpose, the reference to the most popular athlete in our country. Say different… but the purpose is selfish in every case.
No exception and a challenge to young men of fighter from Shepetovka, which nobody had ever heard of. The average athlete would be more well known than it should be the athlete with not so outstanding achievements in sports. And now about two weeks the active part of society is much discussion of this young man. Will think about it after a month? Whether he will enter history? Will he become a legend? One can say with certainty that it will not happen due to the thrown a call to the Mustache. This classification includes all other personalities who are “mainstream” and challenge the legendary athlete. But a few of hundreds of followers on Instagram may be added,” said Karsak.

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