The project WindowSwap will turn your computer into a window into another world

Some of us are lucky – we have a house with a beautiful view from the window, which makes it easier to endure the hardships of isolation. To someone less fortunate. But for them there is salvation – a new project WindowSwap allows you to look out of the Windows of other houses scattered across the globe.

WindowSwap is a project created during the quarantine, Sonali Ranjit and a Vaishnava by Balasubramaniyam. It will allow you to transform your current browser window to another city or another country. With it, you will be able to admire the rain in Thailand, on the sun-drenched fields of Austria, the mountains of Switzerland, a crowded street in London, on the ocean in Japan and many other equally scenic places.

All videos pre-recorded and provided by users. The project asks everyone to send a 10-minute HD video that shows the window and its frame as well as the name and country of residence sent.

WindowSwap found a considerable response among the Internet users. It allows people trapped in isolation, share your favorite with those who are deprived of it (or just tired of looking at the same picture of the window). While not all videos are eager to show something exclusively beautiful. Many are simply trying to demonstrate the daily life of people of another country. For example, one roller from Shanghai (China) shows narrow street between the houses and the person hang linen. The camera in another record from London is focused on cactuses, which are on the window, while the trees in the background remain blurred.

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