The program Fabricius from Google will allow you to write messages ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics

The Google project Arts & Culture has released a tool that will allow you to podnimat your friends in a whole new way. It is a system of machine learning Fabricius, which is able to translate modern words into ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was created for linguists, but it is suitable for entertainment in free time.

In hieroglyphic writing each icon can be an ideogram, that is, to represent some idea or concept, or phonogram, that is to represent a particular sound. The line of hieroglyphs can be read both left to right and right to left. To determine this, quite simply, the text characters will always be directed in the direction opposite to that in which it should be read. Also, in hieroglyphic writing there are no spaces between words, split into paragraphs and punctuation.

Example of hieroglyphic writing is the phrase, “Build me a castle”

And another – “I love cats”

The basis of Fabricius lies a commercial software package for machine learning Google Cloud Auto ML. It uses a six-step process by which any user can learn to write a phrase in ancient Egyptian language. In the program’s dictionary about 1000 different characters. If you want, you can go directly to the final stage (click Play on the website Fabricius), on which the system will help you to translate any phrase in hieroglyphics.

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