The President of Palestine announced its withdrawal from all agreements with Israel and the United States

Palestine decided to terminate all agreements with Israel and the United States because of the intent of the Israeli government to join the Western Bank of the Jordan river. This was stated by President Mahmoud Abbas on 19 may, reports news Agency WAFA.

“Palestine is liberated from all agreements and understandings with the governments of the US and Israel and from all obligations based on these agreements and the agreements, including in the security sphere”, – said Abbas.

The Palestinian President called on Israel to bear full responsibility before the international community as a country-occupier, and the United States called responsible for “the oppression of the Palestinian people.”

While Abbas noted that Palestine is ready to return to negotiations under the mediation of a third party.

On 17 may Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu at a meeting of the Knesset announced its intention to Annex the West Bank of the Jordan river.

After the United States acceptance of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan heights in March 2019, Netanyahu talked about the possible annexation of Judea and Samaria in the West Bank.

In September 2019 Netanyahu said that the law on the distribution of Israeli sovereignty on the West Bank of the Jordan river will be accepted if re-elected on a post of the head of the government. The UN has stressed that such a move by Israel would be a “grave violation of international law”.

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