The perfect couple: the 10 most romantic (and rare) photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Exactly 10 years ago, the world saw one of the most beautiful weddings of the 21st century. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton officially became husband and wife. Since then, the couple had three wonderful children, and my admiration continued to observe their joint appearances. Specially by the anniversary of the wedding of William and Kate we have collected 10 of the most romantic photos of the couple.

Wedding photo

This picture, though not uncommon, but very touching and very beautiful. I agree, looks almost like a disney frame.

Photo in the car

Another photo from the wedding. The happy couple surrounded by 1,900 guests (Yes, that’s the number of people officially attended the celebration). Look at the radiant Kate. What is still gorgeous.

Emotions during the Olympic games

This picture was taken during the Olympics in London in 2012. Happy Kate and William at the velodrome watching the games.

Polo match

That day Kate not only came to support William, but touching and congratulated him on his victory. Look at how cute is that?

Holding hands

Kate and William observe Protocol in public. Now, as in the beginning of the relationship, they are difficult to catch with a hug or even holding hands. Why we love this photo.

The birth of first child

The first picture of Kate and William with baby George. Happy parents and little Prince.

Silly photos during the charity competition

William and Kate often attend events together. This picture was taken during a charity swimming competition. Wife not only watched the process, but fooling around like a normal loving couple.

Climbing the mountain

During a visit to India, the couple visited not only official events. In the framework of the tour, William and Kate climbed one of the peaks of Bhutan.

A rare moment during official events

As we said earlier, the couple strictly adhere to the Protocol. They rarely allow themselves displays of affection in public. That’s one of the moments when the Prince did not resist.

Happy family

Just one of the most happy and lovely photos Kate and William with George. The perfect family, isn’t it?

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