The Pentagon plans to publish some information about UFOs

The ad hoc group for the study of unidentified flying objects at the Pentagon intends to publish part of the data collected, the newspaper The New York Times, citing report of the select Committee on intelligence United States Senate on the costs of special services.

The paper noted that the group should “standardize data and reports” on UFO sightings and publish at least some of the findings within six months after obtaining permission.

The newspaper notes that the main task of the ad hoc group is to find extraterrestrial aircraft, and to determine whether potential opponents of the United States technology exceeding the capabilities of the United States.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee Marco Rubio stressed that he was more concerned about foreign planes over us bases or places of military exercises, “If they came from outside the planet, it would be better than if it’s some technological leap of China or Russia.”

At the same time program Director of the Pentagon prior to the ad hoc group for the study of UFOs, Luis Elizondo argues that the us military have samples of aircraft of unknown origin that crashed. However, scientists emphasize that the lack of a plausible explanation does not make them extraterrestrial in origin most likely.

April 27, 2020, the Pentagon released three short videos, which show unidentified flying objects that have been removed by military pilots using infrared cameras in November of 2004 and January of 2015.

According to the statements of the Pentagon, the Agency has not yet come to the exact conclusion that was captured on video. “Aerial phenomena observed in the videos, remain characterized as “unidentified,” – said the Agency.

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