The Pentagon officially has published three videos with UFOs

This week the US defense Department has officially published three short videos, which the military captured a UFO. All the videos are old, is not the first ply in the Internet and have not any interest to ufologists – that’s why they published. The Pentagon felt that this step no longer threatens their interests.

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South Korean café during an epidemic, hire a robotic Barista

As soon as South Korea is recovering from the consequences of a pandemic, cafes and restaurants are trying to creatively use the latest technology to ensure the safety of their customers. According to Reuters, in one of the cafes Daejeon responsibilities of a waiter are now performing robot-Barista of Vision Semicon. Thanks to him, now […]

Japanese “synth Norimaki” will simulate the taste of any dish

At Meiji University (Japan) has developed a simulation technology of arbitrary taste. A device called a “synthesizer Norimaki”, directly interacts with the human tongue. By analogy with a touchscreen here, the contact language and the surface, without that the generation of the sensation of taste is impossible. The idea of taste display evolved from the […]