The Pentagon is preparing for the second wave of coronavirus

The Secretary of defense mark Esper during his visit to the command center in Colorado said that the Pentagon is preparing for the second wave of coronavirus. This was reported by Ukrainian service of”voice of America” on may 17.

Pentagon officials say that the coronavirus would be a hindrance to the performance of the key missions of the U.S. military until a vaccine is developed. They say that preparing for the new conditions to restore operations in terms of minimizing the risk for the military.

“We are preparing for the second wave, and maybe more. We don’t know what will be the trajectory of this virus,” said Esper.

Some missions U.S. Department of defense restores already – last week it was announced in June a joint U.S.-Polish exercises that were previously postponed due to the pandemic.

Restoring the mission, the Pentagon is taking additional steps to ensure the safety of personnel, said the Deputy Minister Matthew Donovan: “We minimize the risks for our military through the use of a prioritized approach to testing, isolation, social distancing and stricter requirements for personal hygiene”.

Testing will take place in four stages: first, we will test critical military forces (e.g., military and nuclear forces), the second group includes staff who serve in conflict zones, in the third – military who return from service abroad, the fourth group includes all the rest of the military.

Those, who perform critical missions will be divided into groups and isolated from each other.

The US Navy also introduces new rules to 14 days mandatory quarantine when you change ship and sanitary processing vessels.

The management of the Pentagon is working on a staged return of personnel Department at work, said the Esper.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in late 2019 in China. March 11, 2020, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the morning of 18 may around the world, the coronavirus has infected 4 716 513, victim COVID-19 315 225 people, recovered 1 733 963 people.

The U.S. is a leader for the spread of disease the number of infected people there has reached 486 1 757, died 89 562, recovered 272 265 people.

From March 11 in the U.S. there are restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic. On March 27, the President of Donald trump has signed the law on allocation of $2.2 trillion to support the economy of the country during the outbreak of coronavirus.

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