The Pentagon could not give the F-35 is fully supersonic and eventually declared it unimportant

Among the many deficiencies identified in the process of operation of the fighter of the 5th generation F-35, one of the most crucial – extremely limited time, during which he can fly at supersonic speed. Most interestingly, the Pentagon did not consider it necessary to deal with this problem, despite the fact that the program is developing the F-35 cost the U.S. budget of $ 1 trillion. dollars.

The F-35 comes in three variants: F-35A for the air force; F-35B vertical take-off for the marine corps and a carrier-based variant for the Navy F-35C.

The main problem of flight at supersonic speed for the F-35 – overheating of the body at high altitudes, which leads to damage to the stealth coating and the antenna at the rear of the plane. In the first case, the fighter becomes an easy prey to enemy radar, the second – problems with communication.

In the end the mission at supersonic speed for the F-35 is limited to short cut that, in particular, makes it unsuitable for interception. Evaluation of the experts on this issue were divided. Some believe that the F-35 does not require such a long supersonic flight, as, for example, the F-22. Others, however, believe that the lack of speed reduces the chances of a fighter in a dogfight.

Perhaps this attitude of developers to the high-speed characteristics of the F-35 is because it was designed as “ambush predator” who took advantage of their stealth and greater opportunities for network communication will be to destroy the enemy before he detects it.

It remains to answer the question as the enemy when planning their missions will benefit from the many problems the F-35? It is obvious that he tries to impose air combat and deny the F-35 all of its benefits.

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