The path to the dream ex defender of the Dnieper: from drug trafficking to NBA stars

The famous Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho in his most famous book “the Alchemist” said “When you want something, all the universe will help to ensure that your wish came true.” The author in the mouth of different characters developed the idea that it is necessary to follow your way of life, to perceive the incident as a moment to achieve the planned result, not to abandon the goals and to pay attention to the signs of destiny.

Many may think that is written in the book is hardly applicable in real life and the lot of such words in literature, or psychological motivations. Indeed, a significant number of people and does not know at least the approximate route of his career, good half passes already at the first difficulties, someone I can change its goals under the pressure of circumstances, and many do not derive anything useful from the whole stages of his life. Many, but not all.


Perhaps, a simple shepherd Santiago (the main character works “the Alchemist”) was initially more likely to become a Spanish nobleman than Patrick Beverley to play in the NBA. Judge for yourself: the future one of the best defenders in the League was born in an incomplete family in a cloudless American city of Chicago. At the time of Patrick’s birth his mother Lisa was only 18. The father of future NBA stars right after the birth of his son has disappeared in an unknown direction, and all the hardships for the maintenance and education of the child rests on the shoulders of a young mother.

Lisa Beverly was forced to work three jobs to provide for myself and son more or less decent existence. Very often in such cases in a more happy and full of families on the education of children there is very little time. Or it is not. But Lisa and Beverly did everything to my son to have some semblance of a happy childhood. She walked with him for many free sections (the good, through various social programs such enough), and seeing that little Pat from an early age manifested interest in basketball, walked with him to the Playground, becoming, in fact, his first sparring partner.

To the best of their few forces in education Patrick had other family members, primarily his grandmother Celeste Beverly. Pretty good attitude to Pat and his stepfather, Dexter. In a rather troubled family life Beverly flashed something like a glimmer of sun, but a few months after the appearance of Dexter in their life, killed him with eight shots at close range. Sometimes in life, Patrick Beverley had a father. But not to his family back or at least play with Pat. After a couple of compliments on duty his mother and the gentle beating on the cheek her child, the father asked Lisa Beverly money for very important expenses (ie, the next dose of drugs), promised to compensate again and disappeared.

In my childhood, Beverly was much different. For example, the night he and mom could and free hospices, outside under the open sky, in cheap and dirty motels. The quantity and quality of daily food also was not constant in his life. The only thing that remained unchanged was that the mother of all also in free time I continued to go with a little Pat on basketball court. She criticized him, supported, motivated. In short, most tempered it are already weak from the difficulties of life in nature.

His training began in the Beverly school Bobonis valley. Granite science has given Patrick a hard time. He did a lot of lounging around, skipping school, getting in trouble and was a difficult child. But well he was given a game for the school on the basketball court. This success allowed him to transfer to a better school named after John Marshall, which Beverly creaked and finished.

Not for academic success, but mostly because at school, John Marshall young Patrick scored nearly 38 points per game, he was enrolled in the College of Arkansas. In College basketball Beverly quickly found its place in the first year of study got in the symbolic team of the beginners. Even then, Patrick has stated that he wants to play in the NBA and will do everything for it. It seemed that life is getting better, but not for long. A year and a half he was discharged due to chronic underperformance.


Given that the financial condition of its single-parent families is not much better, Beverly was back on the starting positions of his childhood. Although, probably not. By the time Beverly was born the daughter of Adlai and he, mindful of the gravity of the missing father in his life, tried to help their child financially. Wanting to make money, he stepped on a very slippery slope. Future NBA star became a petty drug dealer. The proceeds were enough to buy food, shelter, clothing and care to the child. At the present time Patrick is not too happy remembers this stage of his past, knowing that he risked not only their lives but also the lives of their loved ones.

At about this time the street violence killed the cousin of our hero, Donovan, who was in some degree colleague Patrick on the new craft. Young Pat realized that a new occupation to anything good will not, and need to get out of this circle. The confessions of Beverly, at this moment, the NBA was the most distant.

A real sign of destiny sent him, in 2008, when Beverly came out coach Bob Donnewald, who has studied his game in College. He got the position of head coach of “Dnipro” in the newly created UBL and offered Patrick a move to Europe. After a brief hesitation Pat agreed and soon signed a one-year contract and examples of forms of the Ukrainian club. In the “Dnepr” Beverly surprised everyone with her approach to work. When many American Legionnaires in League with the cool attitude to training and even for games, Beverly like crazy was running around the Playground and gave it my all even at training sessions.

This approach helped Beverly quickly become one of the main actors in the team. On average, Patrick scored in 46 matches 16.7 points 7 rebounds (remember, Pat’s defender) + 3.6 assists. The most striking individual moment for Beverly in that season was winning the dunk contest at the All-Star game UBL. Winning the competition for the Pat brought the dunk over Grigoriy Khizhnyak, who collected 49 points out of 50.

Outside the court a huge help for Patrick continued to assist his mother Lisa, which in the early Ukrainian stage in my career, moved with him to our country and supported the son in his undertaking. She also helped to adapt Pat to all the complexities and realities of new life and the beginning of his professional career, constantly repeating that you have a lot, and these difficulties should not break you.

After the end of the season, Dnipro did not renew the contract with Beverly. Meanwhile, Patrick got a gun on NBA draft 2009, in which it is under common 42 number chose “Los Angeles Lakers”, and was immediately traded to the “Miami heat”. There he immediately made it clear that he took it for a run and was sent on to play in Europe.


The following season Beverly spent part of Greek “Olympiakos”. He played in the Euroleague and won the Greek Cup but in the matches of the main European competition he a lot of time spent. By and large, he was a 10-11 player rotation team, and most of the playing time received in the championship of Greece.

In the summer of 2010 Patrick again tried his hand to break into the NBA, but speaking in the Summer League for the “Miami heat” it up to the unstable three-pointer. No matter what Patrick does passages under the shield and firmly grab your player in defense. The absence of a stable three-point did not allow him to cling to the NBA.

Beverly was again exiled to Europe and joined the St. Petersburg “Spartak”. In it, Patrick quickly became one of the key figures. In the 2010/2011 season, Pat was named the best defensive player of the season and got into the first team of the Russian championship (repeated next year), and in the following season, Pat has received recognition in the international arena. In the Eurocup series 2011/2012 he was in the first all-star team and got MVP of the tournament. Yes, a three-pointer and Beverley in Peter pumped.

Rumors about naturalization Beverly for the Russian team, and the St. Petersburg “Spartak” has offered him a multiyear contract. Naturally, all this was accompanied with more than generous financial promises. But the dream remains a dream.


The seventh of January 2013, Beverley signed a contract with “Houston rockets” with a command option to terminate. To do this he had to personally buy out his contract “Spartak” has paid about a million dollars. In Houston he did not give any guarantees and could at any moment send Patrick home. But he proved that he is ready to become a part of the NBA. His persistence in training and the maximum commitment in the game were appreciated by coaches and teammates, and fans. At the end of the 2012/2013 season he was offered a guaranteed contract.

Given that the “Houston rockets” was a Prime James harden and many other brilliant performers, Beverly realized that in the team’s attack him a little space and focus on what he does best. Defense. Patrick trusted the most powerful players in the structure of opponents from among the speakers on it either on adjacent positions. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, klay Thompson here is an example of the caliber of players against whom defended Beverly. And successful. In the season 2013/2014 he was included in the second protective team of the NBA.

In the next season of Beverly more proved himself as a versatile performer and was invited to participate in the contest of skills in the framework of stellar weekend of the NBA, which he won. Patrick finally and irrevocably his in the League, and at the end of the 2016/2017 season was included in the first protective team of the NBA.

Further, in the heart of the American space was determined to win the NBA championship. For this to help Harden was traded from the “Los Angeles clippers” Chris Paul, who had to give a number of players and picks of the draft, including Patrick Beverley. By the time the new owner of the clippers Steve Ballmer finally decided to get the club out of the shadow of neighbours from the Lakers, and Patrick Beverly head coach of his new team Doc rivers had serious plans.

Beverly and the team began to do what he did best. His energy was everywhere on the court. Patrick continued firmly to glare at the opposing players, protecting the ring, passing, setting personal best performance in the first season for the clippers. His average in the season 2017/2018 amounted to 12.2 points per game.


In the summer of 2019 Beverly signed with the clippers the new three-year contract worth $ 40 million. And I must say, his salary, he works off in full. For example, Pat can bring his team to victory, putting on the last seconds of block shot LeBron James.

But what Zaruba Beverly was in the playoffs of the 2018/19 season c Kevin Durant.

Patrick Beverley realized his dream and became a NBA player. He broke out of the vicious circle in which could be lost and went on his way, not afraid of difficulties. Despite this Patrick never forgot the lessons of his life. One of the first things he did after signing a 40 million contract with the clippers was buying a large house for Lisa Beverly.

Patrick said that just wanted to please my mother. Left Pet and attempts to find his father. But to no avail. And Beverly can start to distribute money to the poor on the street or order lunch from the restaurant.

Definitely the way Patrick Beverly to his goal was very difficult. But like the hero of the work “the Alchemist”, he did not stop before difficulties, do not let doubt or the supposed welfare (the rejection of big money in Europe) to sway you from the path of life. As he wrote to Paulo Coelho: “you can Never give up the dream”. Beverly refused. And fate gave him a chance to become what he is now.

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