The path of Vardy. Top 7 players later, who started his career

It is well known and accepted that football is beginning to play very early. This is the case, if you really want to achieve visible and significant results. Case just like that. But, at the same time, not often, but sometimes it happens so that a man came to the big football almost his “advanced” age, but he was able to achieve success. The clearest example is the recent “centurion” English Leicester’s Jamie Vardy.

Forward “Fox” and England in the 33 round Premier League against “crystal Palace” scored his hundredth goal in the Premier League. This milestone was reached by the attacker in 33 years. Well, what’s so extraordinary for a player of high level, which undoubtedly is Vardy? Yes, at least what Jamie debuted in the top division of England in 27 years, and in senior football came when many have almost all said – in 20 years.

In childhood Vardy gave hope, but when he was 16, he was expelled from his native “Sheffield Wednesday” as hopeless and careless player. And then the future champion of the Premier League football have exchanged for a glass of beer and street fights. And in the appendage to everything – and electronic handcuffs, which he fastened in to the police after one of the fights. But football still won the beer, and Jamie came back to the hobby. He started from the lowlands of English football with eight League until I got to “Leicester”. With this club he won the sensational “gold” of the EPL, played in the Champions League, and with England became a semi-finalist of the world championship. And it’s true: better late than never. Today we remember colleagues Vardy, who also ignited too late, but it shone long.

7. Yasin Bama. Morocco. The most famous club in his career – “Nantes”

Started as a salesman in the store of football paraphernalia. But always wanted to play football. For a long time, the dream remained unfulfilled: Yasin played only on Amateur level, and big clubs had not even a dream, because the guy was already the 21st year. But he decided to play “sink or swim” offered his services “to Nantes”. Famous French club said “no”, but I didn’t say “Yes”. However, the structure of the club took it. First, the Moroccan striker played for the second team, “Canaries”, then was sent for a year to rent. And only in 2015-m was able to gain a foothold in the first team, “Nantes”, for which he scored 15 goals. After the “Nantes” in his career was “Cannes.” Currently defending the colours of the Turkish “Alanyaspor”.

6. Jay Demerit. USA. The most famous club in their career, “Watford”,

A vivid example of a path through the thorns to the stars. Demerit tried to play in European soccer in the US, but at the level of the student teams. But neither Jay nor his football in America has earned a special respect. And Demerit decided to look for happiness in the ocean in England. Looking for a long time. He was asking for viewing in polulyubitelsky groups, but all twisted nose: no one wanted to take the player without a “pedigree”. Finally it took the “Southall”: not a fountain, of course, but football – the most that neither is true, in which and wanted to play Jay. In one of the test matches “Cautella” against “Watford” – the American guard has played above any praises. And received the invitation in “Watford”. And gratefully accepted it.

The guy was going 25 year. For “Watford FC” he has played six years. Grown also to team USA. In 2010, he returned to America in the MLS – the club “Vancouver whitecaps”.

5. Vasyl Sachko. Ukraine. The most famous club in his career – “the Vorskla”

Future legend and coach of “Vorskla” on a professional level debuted in 23 years. Until then Basil was playing football at Amateur level. And a very Amateur: played for the SEL team in the championship of the district. When it came time to go into the army, Sachko went not in Sportloto, and in a normal military unit in Simferopol. Giving the Home a year and a half debt, Secno returned home to the Donetsk region. And got a job in the police Department of drug. In parallel, the guardian of the rule of law played football for the rural team.

His winning lottery ticket, Viktor Grachev, a former striker of Donetsk “Shakhtar”, which in the mid-nineties of the last century was headed by the Amateur team “mine Ukraine”, for which he was invited to speak Sachko, whom noticed in the championship of Donetsk region. So began the way of Basil in the big football. In 1998, Grachev received an invitation to be head coach Tavria Simferopol. This proposal was adopted, taking with him the net. And Basil started in the first champion of Ukraine with the bat in the match against “Shakhtar”, which his team won 2:1.

After “Tavria” in the asset nets appear “Oskol”, “Volyn”, Kryvbas and Vorskla. In the composition of the Poltava team Vasily became the owner of Ukrainian Cup, scoring in the final of the only and winning goal against Shakhtar. After a career of a player nets unsuccessfully headed Vorskla, winning the bronze medal in 2018.

4. Patrick Mboma. Cameroon. The most famous club in his career – PSG

Patrick’s parents moved from Cameroon to France very early, when he was only two years. Childhood Mboma was fond of football, but these Hobbies were limited to the streets of Paris. On a more serious integration into the “game of millions” it originally was not, as Patrick’s father wanted the son received a good education. And he got it, becoming a chartered mathematician.

But the fate did not go away. In 20 years, Patrick Mboma was adopted in the Grand French soccer “Paris Saint-Germain.” However, much success in this team he has won. But others have earned. With “Mazom” he won the French League Cup, Japanese “Gamba Osaka” became the best scorer of the championship, and in the “Parma” – finalist of the Cup of Italy. But all these awards Mboma pale in comparison with those that he got in the national team of Cameroon. With his national team, Patrick became a double European champion and Olympic champion, and in 2000 he was recognized as the best player in Africa.

3. Moreno Torricelli. Italy. The most well-known club career – Juventus

The tin man. In the truest sense of the word. For Moreno football was just a hobby. In the foreground he had a job: Torricelli good carpenter on one of the enterprises for wood processing. In her spare time, Moreno was playing football in Amateur team “Karatepe”. Played well, but no more. It is difficult to say what would have been his fate if not for a lucky break. In 1992 Juventus during the pre-season collection played with the “Karatepe” a freight train. And the former Manager of “old seniors” Trapattoni was so fascinated by the play of 22-year-old defender of the opposing team Torricelli that without hesitation invited him to his team. And not just invited, but as compensation the Turin Grand paid for Torricelli forty thousand dollars.

Moreno immediately broke into one of the strongest clubs in the world. In the composition of the Juventus defender for his crazy speed nicknamed “Turbo”, won everything you can win in club football: the UEFA Cup, the Champions League, the UEFA super Cup and Intercontinental Cup. Well, the Coppa Italia and scudetto (three times), needless to say.

2. Peter Schmeichel. Denmark. The most famous club in his career – “Manchester United”

At the time, Schmeichel was one of the best goalkeepers in the world. If not the best, and his transfer from Brondby in “Manchester United”, the then coach of “red devils” Alex Ferguson called the “sale of the century”. However, in the sport of Peter were, in General, by accident. Yes, and later. Besides, his professional football career Schmeichel started as a forward. But from childhood he dreamed of becoming a musician. A professional musician. But his father took him to the sports section. Handball sports section. In parallel with the handball, Peter was involved in football. In his first football team, “Hvidovre” – Schmeichel played at the point of attack, scoring a few goals. Goalkeeper he was already in brøndby, 24. And immediately – bingo! Play Peter in the composition of the Danish Grand so impressed the bosses of Manchester United that they bought out the transfer of the goalkeeper for more than one million dollars.

Well, you know the rest: in the “Manunited” Peter has won everything you can win in England, and in the international arena. And with Denmark in 1992, Schmeichel became the champion of Europe. By the way, about your musical past Schmeichel forgot: sometimes plays music. In the midst of the Manchester career, he has released a CD with his songs.

1. Miroslav Klose. Germany. The most famous club in the career of Bayern

Mother – handball, dad player. It seemed that the other choice besides from sports, young Miroslav was not. But it so happened that was. Miro Klose was born in Poland. In 1981 the family moved to France and in 1987 in Germany. Klose long learned the wisdom of the German language and way of life. So long that was forced instead of the fourth grade to go in the second. The father insisted that after school Miro received a profession. And the future champion of the world Cup finished craft school: how and Torricelli in Italy, he chose the profession of a carpenter-joiner. Football at this time was somewhere close by.

His first team Klose gained in 20 years – semi-professional team in the fifth League. Then there was the “Kaiserslautern”, and then Werder Bremen, where fully revealed the talent Klose-striker. In 2007, the miró moved to Bayern, which became a two-time German champion and many times won the national Cup. But his main achievements in the Germany. Klose with the German national team won all three medals in the world Championships. And Klose is still the best scorer the German national team (71 goals) and best scorer in the history of the world Championships – 16 goals.

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