The orbit hopes to compete with the leaders

A year ago Zaporozhye “Orbita-University-STUSS” won silver medals of the championship of Ukraine in volleyball among female teams of super League, behind only multiple champion of the country yuzhnensky “Chemist”. Surely the club hoped for similar success in the season of 2019-2020. However, with the first rounds that the team went wrong, it was a long time outside of the leading Quartet in the winter result for the post of head coach was invited to Gary of Egiazarov. For obvious reasons, to complete the championship of Ukraine failed, but nevertheless we had something to talk about with an experienced mentor (which, remember, is also the coach of the female national team) and about the tournament and about the Zaporozhye team.

As You know, I in the first half of the championship with Orbit didn’t work, but watched her performance – began our conversation Gary Amoebic. – Start the team did not, in my opinion, for several reasons. First of all, say what of that silver composition left several leading players, and equivalent replacements are not found. In addition, equally important was the calendar of the championship with an odd number of participants. So, in the first two rounds Orbita met with the two strongest clubs in the country “Prometheus” and “Chemist”, they lost two matches and the third round was free from games. As a result, the Zaporozhye volleyball players immediately had to be to catch up, being at the bottom of the standings. Further, the situation is somewhat leveled off, but due to the fact that teams have played an unequal number of matches, it was difficult to determine the true standing of the teams except the leaders of “Prometheus” and “the Chemist” which has gone far ahead.

I mean, when You took over the team, the chances of getting into the four strongest remained?
– Yes, of course. We tried to do everything possible to get him. Plus, we managed to win some very important matches – in Zhitomir, one of the main competitors to the exit in the four of the best local “woodland” 3:0, in Lutsk, the club “Volyn-University” 3:2 and 3:1 and defeat in Kiev “the Chemist” with the account 3:0. And if you look at the calendar of the remaining unplayed matches of the group stage, we could reach the last four. For this we had to win twice in Exactly one of the outsiders of the tournament the local “Regina-Magoo” and home to achieve success in at least one of the two matches Zhytomyr “Polesie”. This was our strength.

But “Orbit” without any problems managed to get to the Final four of the Ukrainian Cup. Moreover, in the semi-final opponent You get familiar and roughly equal – Ternopil “Galychanka-TNEU”. What is here is not enough to compete for a trophy?
– You are right, with this opponent, I knew him well in the regular season one match the “Halychanky” managed to win. In the Cup semi-final in General, the game was equal and, as it turned out, was decisive the first batch. In the middle of a set, we managed to tip the scales to their side, we played well and took the lead 21:18. But here, unfortunately, failed to score simple dohromady the ball, made a mistake in attack. In volleyball this sometimes occurs, we immediately received a so-called trial balance in the form of two aces, then lost some more points and lost in the party 22:25. This episode had a very negative impact on the psychological state of some players. The team lost in the second game. Although we were able to take the third set, the fourth opponent was once again stronger.

– Who in the past season in the “Orbit” was a leader who had more load?
– Just want to say that our team, as they say in such cases, was very short bench. The main burden fell on the shoulders of 6-7 people, which were conducted at the site significant playing time. The leaders of the attacks we had three’s Anna Korchinska, Natalia Lukhanina and Victoria Savchenko. The center played two volleyball players who entered the top five best blocker of the championship – Lydia Luchko and Leslie Pugach. On the position Libero acted young Victoria Nikolaychuk that his play demonstrated that he deserves to play for the national team of Ukraine. Here they had all support.

If You are talking about the team, where also are the head coach, I have to ask – except Nikolaychuk of the Zaporizhzhya club someone else would have had the chance to get into the main team of the country in the last season?
– You know, Orbita very young team. So many girls are still ahead, as the chances of the Ukrainian team have with each of them. As one example, our diagonal Anna Garchinsky. She’s only in the next few days will be 19 years old and in many respects, it is still able to improve their skills. By the way, in this regard I want to draw attention to the fact that nowadays young Ukrainian volleyball players are increasingly looking towards the side of foreign clubs. And it are far not the strongest Championships. In my opinion, our girls, in order to grow into top players, it is necessary first of all to Express themselves in Ukrainian clubs, to reach a certain level and after that try to leave the country, preferably in the top and elite Championships. Then you will certainly benefit for our clubs and for the national team of Ukraine.

– In Your opinion what should be done to “Orbit” in the next world Cup could become a “third” force in the women’s super League along with the “Chemist” and “Prometheus”?
– Much will depend on funding and staffing team in the current season. I can say that together with the club management we continue to work on this. If we have all the summer work, then we will think about the highest places. But first, of course, would like to quickly get out of quarantine and again to start training.

Interviewed by Igor ZARZYCKI

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