The new platform is a short video Quibi has gained more than 300,000 units on the first day of work

“First day” for the platform korotkovolnovogo streaming video Quibi became very successful. The Analytics service Sensor Tower has registered 300,000 installations service applications.

However, this result seems very fast compared to competitor Quibi – new streaming platform Disney+, which on the first day, this figure has reached 4 million currently, the number of subscribers has already exceeded 10 million. the Third result from the service video on demand HBO Now, gathered on the first day 45.000 subscribers.

Disney+ to launch in November last year, was available for an extremely wide range of platforms, including mobile devices, set-top boxes, smart TVs, game consoles and web applications. Similarly, the content HBO has been available for five years before the launch of HBO Now, when streaming services took the much more modest position than it is today.

According to experts, the service Quibi became the latest victim of COVID-19. The platform was originally designed for short consumption of content is actually “on the go”. In domestic isolation, this advantage becomes irrelevant.

By the way, potential users Quibi offered a free 90-day version, so to confirm the successful start of the platform will have to wait at least three months.

One of the key features Quibi – bet on vertical content

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