The new Israeli government sworn in on may 14

The new government of Israel, formed by results of elections on 2 March, will be sworn in may 14. About it reports a press-service of the Knesset.

The new Israeli Cabinet, the formation of which was entrusted to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will be sworn in at 13.00 local time (coincides with Kiev).

“The inauguration of the 35th of the government of Israel under the leadership of Netanyahu and Vice Prime Minister benny Gantz as the rotating Prime Minister, according to the amendment to the law passed last week by the Knesset, will occur after a hearing Thursday, 13.00”, – stated in the message.

Israel already last year political crisis. In the country during the year, three elections were held – in April and September 2019, and in March 2020. After the elections, no one party failed to form a coalition of 61 members, which would allow to form a government.

20 April, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the opposition bloc “Kajol Laban” benny Gantz signed an agreement on the establishment of a government of national unity that marked the end of political crisis in the country.

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