The network is gaining popularity of new entertainment – Zoom-ESCAP quests

During isolation some owners quest rooms began to offer online versions of their quests, in which you can play remotely the whole team. For example, the American company Puzzle Break has developed a virtual version of the four test series “Escape Grimm.” As you might guess, it’s a world inspired by the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm. As in other ESCAP-quests, his goal is to leave the room, finding all the necessary clues, and in this particular case – to remove a witch’s curse.

Here’s how it works: players make contact with each other and staff Puzzle Break through Zoom and get access to the puzzles via Google Drive. In fact, this can be done through alternative platforms. Although online quest is not able to fully replace the real, the company offers something new and different in this project.

Players explore different puzzles and riddles in a shared location for puzzles. During the quest the staff of Puzzle Break throw parties a new trial in this shared folder, similar to how the investigation mysteries in real locations. And “Escape Grimm” is only one of many such virtual quest rooms.

Here are some of worthy of mention: “Get Your Motor Running” from Paruzal Games where you need to go back to shore before the storm breaks out a terrible, or “Cabin Fever” from Trapped in the Web, where you Wake up on a cruise ship and it turns out that you are the only passengers, and must return to earth to survive.

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