The Museum of natural history in new York city dismantled a statue of Theodore Roosevelt

The authorities in new York decided to dismantle the monument to the 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt at the entrance to the American Museum of natural history in new York. On the 21st of June, reported the newspaper the New York Times.

The solution proposed by the Museum and agreed with the authorities of the city (which owns the building and property of the Museum), was adopted after years of debate, with activists on the backdrop of protests against racism, which emerged after the murder in Minneapolis African American George Floyd.

For many Americans the statue of Roosevelt, West entrance to Central Park, the Museum became a symbol of the “painful legacy” of colonial expansion and racial discrimination, the newspaper writes.

The mayor of new York bill de Blazin stated that the authorities support the decision of the Museum because a statue of Roosevelt “clearly depicts blacks and native Americans as enslaved and racially inferior”.

Equestrian statue of Roosevelt accompanied by an Indian and a black man, they stand on different sides of the President. This monument was erected at the entrance to the Museum in 1940.

More than 20 days in the US continues demonstrations related to the deaths of African-American Floyd during police detention in Minneapolis. One of the police officers almost 10 minutes, I crushed his neck with his knee to the ground. According to the examination, Floyd died of strangulation.

The demonstrators knocked the monuments to historical figureswho, in their opinion, were involved in slavery and racial discrimination.

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